Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Sabotage

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It was just one of those weeks for Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 19. A string of bad luck turned out to be something a whole lot worse.

Meanwhile, Charles was forced to work with Hitchcock and Scully, and Terry was forced to lie to Gina about her dance recital. Unfortunately for Terry, Captain Holt isn't a big fan of lying.

All in all, there was a lot going on in this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

An Unseen Enemy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake was having a bad week. He was late to work every morning because of unfortunate circumstances. His power went out and reset his alarm, his laundry was stolen, and his car ran out of gas. He believed it was all bad luck until day four, when his routine drug screen came back positive for cocaine and crystal meth.

Holt assigned Rosa and Amy to investigate Jake's claims of being sabotaged and set-up. The problem, though, was that Rosa and Amy were so used to Jake's irresponsibility, that their investigation didn't go quite as Jake wanted.

I'm a little torn on this plot point. On one hand, I can see Rosa's and Amy's perspective. Jake is one of the greatest man-children ever written, and he's not really known for taking his grown-up responsibilities seriously. So it's not hard to imagine that he simply failed to fill up his tank or set his alarm.

On the other hand, this isn't the first time that Rosa and Amy haven't taken a colleague's problems seriously. When Gina's apartment was broken into during Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1, they were pretty laissez-faire about it until Holt wizened them up. So it's a little disappointing that they did the same thing with Jake.

Jake may be a man-child, but he's a really smart one, and is good at his job. He also wouldn't use the job just to hide his shortcomings like forgetting an alarm. Given the fact that his job was on the line (failed drug test and all), Rosa and Gina maybe could have been a little more receptive to his theories. Besides, shouldn't the tainted urine drug test and the stolen laundry have outweighed the alarm clock?

It turned out that Jake was right, and he was kidnapped by Jeffery Hoytzman (guest star Chris Parnell), the attorney he busted for drug possession at a party earlier this season. It's always, always great to see Parnell and Samberg together, although Hoytzman was apparently high on every drug but the chronic-what!-cles of Narnia.

If Rosa and Amy had been more willing to listen to Jake, it might have saved him several hours of being kidnapped by a drug-addled Hoytzman. I'm not sure I agree with the take-home message being that Jake needs to trust people more, but at the end they did have his back, so I suppose all's well that ends well.


Didn't I say just in my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 18 that there's a possibility that Scully might have actually been a prodigy? Well, my theory was put to the test this week when Charles was assigned to work with Hitchcock and Scully, due to Peralta's suspension.

We've seen signs of Hitchcock and Scully's prowess as detectives; that time they found Gina's secret bathroom was just a thing of beauty. However, we've never seen them solve an actual crime. Charles' exasperation with them was pretty hilarious; how often do we see Charles yell at people? When he called them useless, they set out to prove him wrong.

It turns out that Hitchcock and Scully have been partly pretending to be incompetent and clumsy, simply to avoid work. As far as they're concerned, they paid their dues as detectives in decades past, and now they just want to coast by with paperwork and Minesweeper. I can't say that I blame them.


Captain Holt's strict code of integrity proved to be a problem when Terry lied to Gina about their attendance at her dance recital. Captain Holt, refusing to perpetuate the lie, set Gina straight. Bad move.

I didn't realize how much I loved the self-confident, cocky, snarky Gina until she was replaced by this depressed, defeated shell of her former self. It's pretty horrifying to watch. I can't bring myself to laugh at her. I actually never want to see Gina that pathetic again.

Holt's integrity was remarkable, even though I don't buy that he's never compromised it. Didn't he recently downplay his rivalry with Chief Wunch when he thought she would be transferred because of it? That said, I liked that he hired Gina just so he could call her a professional dancer. That was a classy move.

Other thoughts:

  • Chris Parnell has spent a lot of time in ice-cream trucks this week – his character on Archer was part of a stake-out in an ice-cream truck. Said it then – rolling probable cause.
  • Would it really be that cool to live next to Sinbad, Jake?

What do you think? Should Rosa and Amy have given Jake more benefit of the doubt?  How much are Hitchcock and Scully actually pretending? What was your favorite moment?

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Sabotage Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Rosa: You never told me Sinbad lived in your building.
Jake: If Sinbad lived in my building, I'd have a tattoo on my head that said "Sinbad lives in my building".

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