Coach Returning to TV; Craig T. Nelson to Reprise Title Role

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It turns out you can go home again!

A full 18 years after it went off the air, and 26 years since the series first began airing, Craig T. Nelson will again portray Coach Hayden Fox on the series Coach.

This time, however, it will reside on NBC instead of ABC.

Craig T. Nelson

Now retired, Coach Fox will be called back as an assistant coach to his grown son who is now the head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania just starting up a new team.

As Nelson was wrapping up his tenure as Braverman patriarch for six seasons on NBC's Parenthood, he and Coach creator Barry Kemp came up with the idea to resurrect the '90s sitcom.

Apparently all four networks lined up to hear the pitch, but it was taken to NBC first because of their ties to Universal TV, who produced the original series.

It's no surprise NBC would want to keep Nelson in the family after Parenthood finished airing.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Craig T. Nelson do a little more parenting, perhaps of a lighter nature, again on NBC?

He'll be in a role somewhat familiar to some of us and new to others who have watched him over the past few years. Will it work? Hit the comments!

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