CSI Cyber Season 1 Episode 2 Review: CRASH

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The second installment of this new series gave us another case that could have been featured on the original CSI, if it were not for the added in cyber connection.

On CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 2 apparently a roller coaster literally going off the rails can be a cyber crime. 

The manner in which the crime was committed definitely had a cyber tie in, whether that actually worked well for this story is questionable. 

A Scary Ride - CSI: Cyber

There is no doubt that cyber crimes are an interesting issue and phenomenon, but what the show is featuring seem to be half cyber and half traditional crime. It would be interesting to explore how actual cyber crimes take place and investigate their fallout. 

The show could base something off of the Sony hacks, which had some real life consequences for a lot of employees whose information was leaked. It could also just put the crime more in the background or tone down the carnage. Although, this probably would not make for interesting television.

The international baby selling gang of CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 1 seemed more put together and overall seemed to have lower stakes than this episode. The team was really scrambling over the hour to track down Otto before he struck a second time. 

As if hacking the roller coaster with a bluetooth device and killing three people were not enough, Otto still had to do something bigger to be let into the exclusive club. It makes you wonder what the other members had to do to get in there. Did they all commit acts of terrorism? It seems like Avery should be more busy solving these kind of crimes if that is the case. 

Mundo stopping the device by breaking it is exactly what most people would have done. Some of the more tech savvy readers can correct me if I am wrong, but if the train was being hacked by a bluetooth device shouldn't it turn off if the device was broken? That would take away the need for Brody to walk him through deactivating the device. 

I think stopping a moving train before it crashes is overdone at this point, but there was a parallel with the smaller scale crashing of the roller coaster. 

I also was unsure how Avery almost immediately seemed to make the jump that it was a group working through a forum. It was such a specific realization to come to when they didn't seem to know that much about the target yet. It did highlight the theme that the team is always going to be dealing with people who want to remain anonymous, which is still a really cool and scary idea. 

The part with Ronny, who sold computer parts for cash, was interesting and seems like a practice that could facilitate a lot of cyber crime. A hacker who builds products for other people who want to hack or remain anonymous seems legitimate, like its own black market. 

I still enjoy the premise of this show and like seeing all of the technology put to work to solve crimes. I also think that cast has come good chemistry, especially Raven, Brody and Daniel who all seem to have been caught by Avery. I am excited to watch the team get closer to each other as the show moves on. I do wish the show would slow down and choose some cases that have a less contrived connection to cyber. 

What did you think of the second installment? Did you have less complaints about it than I did? Any input on whether the case this week was believable or not? Make sure to hit the comments below to discuss! 

If you haven't checked it out yet, remember you can watch CSI: Cyber online via TV Fanatic! 


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