Dancing With the Stars Review: The Shirts Are Coming Off!

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Who doesn't love Latin Night?!

At the very least, it's a good excuse for the guys to start taking off their shirts. I mean, it had to happen some time. Dancing With the Stars Season 20 Episode 3 also included some great dances and plenty of fun moments.

Dancing Dip

First up was Rumer and Val. Guys, Val is not playing around. He wants to finally win a season, and he may just have the partner to do it. Rumer is doing a great job, but Val also seems to be stepping up his own game. Their Salsa is one of the best dances I've ever seen Val do – it nearly left Len speechless, and he called it the best dance of the season.

Charlotte was more focused on checking her email than focusing on rehearsal. Honey, put the phone down! The dance? It literally made Julianne pout, and it caused Bruno to stick his foot in his mouth. At this point, I'm over Charlotte, because she doesn't seem to be putting in the effort. I like seeing contestants who try as hard as they can and put it whatever it takes – even if they still don't do so well, attitude makes a difference.

I'm really rooting for Michael Sam, but what Carrie Ann said about it was exactly what I felt while watching from home – it felt unsafe and uncomfortable. Chris, on the other hand, did a lot better this week. I love it when we see contestants make major comebacks.

I also really love Robert. He's one of the most likeable contestants this season, and he's so positive and fun. Let's keep him around.

Noah is completely amazing. There really aren't words to describe what it's like to watch this guy dance. And I'm actually glad that he decided against using that prosthetic arm for the dance, because I think it showed even better what he's capable of. Props to Sharna for her choreography, too. It all looks incredibly natural, even though I know it's more complicated than we could imagine.

Finishing off the night with a bang were Nastia and Derek. These two are on a whole other playing field, and that dance was nothing less than fabulous. As an added bonus, Derek just went for the shirtlessness from the start. Can we please get an encore performance?

I will say this: it bothers me that Nastia spends much of her time rehearsing with another dancer. I understand that Derek is busy and had a commitment prior to this, but it just feels problematic.

Yet again, the eliminations were rushed at the very end of the show. They made three couples quickly come down the stairs to tell them they were in jeopardy, then immediately told Noah and Sharna they were safe.

That left Chris and Witney and Charlotte and Keo to learn their fate with only minutes to spare. So who went home?

I don't think anyone was surprised to see that Charlotte and Keo were eliminated this week. Again, it seemed clear Charlotte didn't put her all into this thing, so to me, it was the right choice. I just wish we could have seen Keo stick around a little longer since he didn't get to last season.

Other Thoughts:

  • Riker went for "rock and roll" sexiness for his Salsa. It was an absolutely awesome performance. So fun to watch!
  • Loved, loved, loved Suzanne's fruit hat. The dance was pretty fun, too.
  • I loved seeing Patti LaBelle's rehearsal package. She's hilarious.
  • Tom and Erin kept commenting throughout the night about the importance of voting and how it was a lack of votes that sent Redfoo home last week. Am I wrong that it was actually because he earned the lowest scores in the first week?

What did you think of this week's episode of Dancing With the Stars? And how do you feel about that elimination? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Here are this week's scores!

  • Riker and Allison (Salsa): 34
  • Nastia and Derek (Samba): 34
  • Rumer and Val (Salsa): 33
  • Willow and Mark (Paso Doble): 32
  • Noah and Sharna (Argentine Tango): 30
  • Robert and Kym (Rumba): 29
  • Chris and Witney (Argentine Tango): 28
  • Suzanne and Tony (Samba): 25
  • Michael and Peta (Salsa): 24
  • Charlotte and Keo (Rumba): 22 - ELIMINATED
  • Patti and Artem (Cha Cha): 22

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