Days of Our Lives Recap: Daniel Knows the Truth!

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Daniel Freaking Jonas (as we prefer to call him here at TV Fanatic) figured out the truth about JJ sleeping with Eve. Now the question is, who is he going to tell?

For once I was on Jennifer’s side. This is none of Daniel’s business. If he wants to be there as a sounding board for JJ, that’s fine but no one is asking him to ride in on his white horse to fix anything. Besides, his own life is enough of a mess, mostly of his own making.

Daniel's Jacket - Days of Our Lives

Who else is sick to death of hearing Daniel whine about Nicole being hung up on Eric, or Daniel treating Nicole like crap. This week alone he told her off, wouldn’t return her calls and literally closed the door in her face. Why is it that the only man in town willing to give Nicole the time of day is Serena’s evil boss Xander? 

At least he had one of the best Days of Our Lives quotes of the week...

You're sensitive about getting an ex-priest into the sack so you can grab his elephant.


That explains just how ridiculous that storyline is better than I ever could.

Back to Nicole, at what point does she figure out she’s worth more than this and move on? Personally I think she and Rafe should start their own Private Investigations business. She can get the P.I. license and then between his law enforcement background and her sneakiness, they could make an awesome team.

Switching the subject to Eve, Jennifer was kicking her butt all over Salem this week and it was great fun to see the tables turned. I don’t necessarily agree with Jennifer’s agenda (JJ and Paige are a disaster in the making) but I love seeing Jennifer stand up for herself and her family without being whiny. Eve deserves every minute of it.

As for Paige, I’d like to put her and Serena on the same road out of town on which Jordan left. Who’s with me?

Hope and Aiden had one incredibly cute day’s worth of screen time and that seems to be all we ever get. However brief it may have been, I did love that Hope was suspicious of Clyde from their very first meeting. It’s good to see her detective instincts working well. 

Hope: All that Mayberry: RFD stuff, do you buy it, any of it?

Ben asked Abigail to move in with him and these two are so boring that I can’t say I really care. I feel as though we are just biding our time until Abby and Chad eventually hook up again. 

Melanie was hot on the trail as Clint ran around Salem stealing blood. I actually felt badly for Theresa in all of this as she looked like hell and will be completely blindsided when the truth comes out. 

Finally we get to the Will/Paul/Sonny triangle. As usual these days Will was whiny, selfish and paranoid. Thankfully Sonny was the voice of reason, “Do you want to fix this or do you want to keep finding ways to put the blame on me because I was with Paul before I was with you?” Sonny and Will are so fundamentally different. Will blames everyone else for his problems and Sonny always tries to figure out where he went wrong. It has the makings for a truly toxic relationship. 

I’ll admit that Will’s lament of Why would Sonny want me if he could have you? was particularly sad, bordering on pathetic. Of course Paul believing that Sonny was only interested in him because of his fame wasn’t much better. 

Overall, this storyline dragged on but it had two highlights this week. First, that Adrienne told Sonny she knows Will cheated. He needs someone to talk to that he can trust. Second, that Will came around those bushes when he did to overhear Sonny and Paul. I’m really hoping that Sonny gets the chance to see how mean his husband can be when he feels threatened. 

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Which was your favorite line this week in Salem? 

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