Days of Our Lives Recap: Eve & JJ Caught in the Act!

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Dirty little secrets always come out and no one has dirtier secrets than Eve. This time when Eve and JJ hit the sheets, they had an audience as Jennifer walked in! 

The horrified expression on Jennifer’s face was priceless as what she was seeing trulyl sunk in. All of Eve’s taunting had been because she was sleeping with her son. JJ had to shake off his own shock in order to pull his mother off the top of a naked Eve. 

But the best moments were when Jennifer later confronted Eve, “In this situation you have nothing. You are on yours knees and you are defenseless and if you love Paige then you are at my mercy.” It’s true. Jennifer finally has the upper hand as she so succinctly put it in this Days of Our Lives quote

You are on the ground and my heel is on your throat after all these years.


It was how Jennifer decided to wield that power that surprised me. I applaud her for making it clear to JJ that although she’s angry and disappointed, she’ll always love him but pushing he and Paige to get back together is simply lunacy. He slept with the girl’s mother! There’s no way the guilt from that secret won’t eat him alive, especially if they’re in a relationship. Not to mention that being around Paige will inevitably mean being around Eve, which is a horrible idea. 

But that wasn’t the only bombshell to hit Salem. Sonny was released from the hospital and decided to leave Salem. Not for good, I hope but he can’t recuperate at home with Will. The stress would be unbearable so he’s decided to visit his brother Alex in Phoenix. 

Will did everything in his power to make Sonny feel guilty. Was Will just supposed to wait in limbo while Sonny was gone? Wasn’t Sonny thinking about Ari? He's such a hypocrite because Will wasn’t thinking of his daughter when he risked his marriage by having sex with Paul.

Speaking of Paul, Will had no problem throwing blame at him either. “Everything fell apart when you seduced me.” Is Will kidding? Paul had no idea that Will was even married, let alone to Sonny. None of this is Paul’s fault and I was thrilled that he didn’t let Will turn it all around on him. Will suddenly thinks that Paul is trying to destroy his marriage without taking any responsibility for destroying it all on his own. 

One of the best moments was when Adrienne overheard the truth. The big question now is, who will she tell next? Justin or Lucas?

Elsewhere, Brady and Melanie had their first fight and it came as no surprise that it was concerning Theresa. I was never prouder of Melanie when she told off Brady for his patronizing behavior…“Did you hear yourself? I thought I told you to stay away from Theresa.  I’m so sorry, Brady. Do I have some ‘splaining to do? Did the little woman get out of line?”

As an I Love Lucy fan I couldn’t help but smile. 

We only got one day with Hope and Aidan once again. Why do we see so little of this wonderful couple? However I loved Roman’s talk with Aiden as he told him that he wouldn’t hit Bo for hurting Hope the way he has because Bo is his brother. Aides has no such protection. It was a cute way of getting the message across. Roman likes Aiden as long as he makes Hope happy. 

Nicole continued on her quest to make amends, not that it’s working…

Trying to be nice gets you nowhere in this town.


Why does everyone feel such a need to protect Daniel? Even Maxine was giving Nicole a hard time. At least Eric and Nicole managed a civil conversation. I only wish Serena and her ridiculous elephant would head back to Africa.

But on the upside, it sounds like Jordan may be finally leaving Salem! Woohoo!

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