DIG Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Prayer of David

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Alright. Now DIG is just messing with us.

Don't get me wrong, the idea behind the series is still right up there and in DIG Season 1 Episode 4 there were fun tidbits thrown out like the idea of human sacrifice and the word Armageddon.

But when two different factions are racing toward the same conclusions of a very difficult puzzle at the exact same time I'm going to have to call foul, no matter how damn good looking the men are in the race.

Uncovering a Secret - DIG

Can we just take a moment to realize how attractive the cast is? Because Peter, Golan and Yussef are all very good looking men. I was a little disappointed to learn Yussef was playing for the other team, but I suppose I have to learn to share. Sorry. Onto the point I was making about ridiculousness...

It was just too convenient that Yussef and Peter were thinking so similarly, don't you think? Really, what are the odds they both knew to dig into the mystery just enough to find someone who told them to go to the Israel Museum to find the war tablet at, quite literally, the same moment in time?

Yussef got the tablet, while they got an X-ray or something and both had a key (because Peter finally read Emma's journal) and they even thought through the rest of the scenario in such a way that they knew it was carved so you had to read it backwards, leading them to the Prayer of David mosaic in Meggido (that's Armaggedon to you and me), Israel. Come On!

Like I said, the ideas behind it, the word play, the puzzle...golden. The execution was terrible.

Also terrible was having Lynn and the Ambassador involved in the hour for any reason whatsoever. Was it just to embarrass Anne Heche and remind her that her role is only as a piece of ass? That's what the Ambassador pulled her aside to mention, as well as noting she should fire Peter. Pointless.

The boy and the heifer made it to Croatia and to his father, I think. He had never seen his father, nor his sister. Perhaps not any girl, if I read his reaction right. He was with what appeared to be Catholics who wanted him to hide his faith, and for a while I thought Painter Pants (the bald man) was a bad guy, but after he approached Red, I'm not so sure.

Could he be who the boy should have really met with when he arrived? His father seems rather clueless, not even knowing it was a heifer he was traveling with. Strange to go all that way so unprepared.

Debbie's knock-down, drag-out fight in DIG Season 1 Episode 3 wasn't without merit, as her friend Charlie came for her. While she was in a holding cell and chained to a pole (because she was going to get out of a cement cell?), she could hear him, but he couldn't hear her as he searched the compound.

"Tad" (of course his name is TAD) Billingham pulled the wool over Charlie's eyes and he left with her belongings, but he discovered a ring and it set him thinking. Hopefully it will also send him back to the compound, because it looks like Debbie is about to be one of evil Joshua's human sacrifice's. That kid is nuts.

At least Peter was kind enough to clue us in as to what the heck Joshua is, although we don't know why he was cloned. Like the heifer and the stones in the breastplate, to rebuild the temple they are also in need of high priest, born of lineage of the first high priest, raised in isolation without his feet touching the ground since his first year. That's the Joshes!

So, their entire purpose is to build the temple, thrust the Arab world into chaos and usher in World War III. And...what's the purpose of instigating that, again? 

Thankfully, I'm still relatively happy watching the fellas run around and do things, even if they're relatively silly things. Let me know where you're standing after this week. To me, it felt as if the ball was dropped a few times and it wasn't as neatly tied to the other installments.

If you're wondering what those earlier weeks were about, you can watch DIG online right here via TV Fanatic to find out, then join us in the conversation!

Prayer of David Review

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DIG Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lynn: Listen to me, the Ambassador has taken a personal interest in you and I can guarantee it's not because she thinks you're cute.
Peter: That's funny, I could swear I felt a little vibe going on. Just a twinkle.

You need to repent your sins, or God will strike you down.