Empire Photo Preview: Family Comes First

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Are there any musical talents Empire cannot get?

Empire Season 1 Episode 10 finds this red hot series landing R&B mega star Mary J. Blige, who will get to sing a song with Lucious accompanying her on the piano.

Although this track will be performed in flashbacks, I'm hopeful she will make an appearance in the present day Empire world as well.

After Andre's breakdown in Empire Season 1 Episode 9, it looks like the family will be coming together to visit and support him. The photo of a clearly heartbroken Rhonda visiting her husband is particularly gut-wrenching and I'm curious how this will affect their marriage going forward.

Also interesting is the location Andre is being held in, as it seems to be filled with musical instruments. With Jennifer Hudson poised to make her appearance on the show, as someone who may be able to help Andre, I wonder if they will be making beautiful music together.

With only two episodes left, I expect there to be a major decision coming in regards to who will take over the Empire regime. Andre may be out at the moment and Hakeem seems to have all the momentum in his corner, but will Jamal make a last minute push?

We're going to have to tune in to see on Wednesday, March 11!

In the meantime, make sure you watch Empire online right now so you're all caught up and watch out for our review next week!

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