Family Guy Season 13 Episode 13 Review: Dr. C and the Women

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If all a therapist needs is a soothing voice, a few catch phrases, and some (okay, maybe a lot) of tweed, then Cleveland couldn't have been a better fit to become the neighborhood Dr. Phil.

Family Guy Season 13 Episode 13 has Cleveland throwing a wrench into Peter's relationship with Lois, all while Meg finally gets a break from the constant berating she faces when she joins her new job at the airport. 

Not only was Meg just a perfect fit for the "bored Fascism" model of the airport (where creating slower lines, and misusing your power are mandatory), she ended being a stud in every way possible. As Larry put it, she couldn't even be fired because she was the best looking employee they had. 

She was showered with compliments, hit on constantly, and was asked on dates – all until she ticks off Marla. Although they get into their own "chicken fight" later on in the episode, I feel like any form of jealousy directed towards her, for a change, is welcomed by Megan. 

And should be, seeing as how as soon as she gets home, she can't even tell her family what she did over the weekend before Peter springs out of his seat to play the show off the air. 

She is just a bit too gullible though, huh? 

It enhances my life to know how your life is going!


Peter got his fair share of strife as well though, when his own suggestion for Cleveland to monetize his talent to talk people off the ledge leads to his "fourth best friend" becoming his wife's therapist. 

Lois was understandably hesitant at first, but she needs someone besides her blissfully ignorant husband to talk to – so she gives in. And I'm sure she's happy she did.

Peter: Alright, lets dope her up good -- get that mouth off her.
Cleveland: No Peter! The problem is you!

What Cleveland and Lois were saying about Peter's contributions and and lack of attentiveness are obviously correct, but knowing Peter, Lois definitely went about changing her husband the wrong way. 

You don't bore him with mundane chores, and you definitely don't ruin his favorite past-time.

Peter: No, you're not supposed to hit it into the water.
Lois: But you hit it into the water.
Peter: I know I hit it into the water.
Lois: But why do they have water if you're not supposed to hit it there.
Peter: Because it's fun! We're having fun!

That bit seemed like it was ripped right out of an Everybody Loves Raymond episode.

So in the end, Peter still gets what he wants, and gets to remain a kid. However, maybe the problem isn't that Peter doesn't do enough, maybe it's that Lois does too much. She puts too much pressure on herself – but I doubt she'll realize that as she's waiting for the green shirt to spin by for that lucky fifth time. 

Peter wins because he's a sociopath, just like the Mayor, and can remain guilt-free.

Peter: Well, I am off to try and get out of this conversation!
Lois: Peter, what did you do?
Peter: He was slightly inconveniencing me and Joe, so we threatened to destroy his family.

Tonight's episode had it's fair share of enjoyable gags, and it was funny seeing Meg in a different light, only for her to be brought (harshly) back down to reality by Peter. That "Larry" character also came through with a Homeland reference, on top of the numerous other terrorist/airport security jokes the writers managed to sprinkle in. 

How are we going to catch Abu Nasir!?


Also, as that "clue" prompted us, did any of you miss Brian?! I thought that was a clever touch, and a snide jab at all the negative feedback Brian's "death" got when it first aired. 

Watch Family Guy online and visit Family Guy quotes to relive any highlights from tonight's episode. Also, make sure to leave your own thoughts about Cleveland and his affinity for therapy and tweed down below!

Dr. C and the Women Review

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