Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: The Pressure is On...

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No pressure, Amelia Shepherd. No pressure at all.

It's just that... well... onĀ Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14, DR. HERMAN'S LIFE WILL BE ENTIRELY IN YOUR HANDS.

Indeed, "The Distance" is being billed by ABC as an "Amelia-centric" hour, as this Shepherd surgeon engages in the procedure of a lifetime. While a crowd of doctors all look on from the gallery.

As we said: no pressure at all!

With Stephanie by her side, Amelia will start operating on her sick colleague this Thursday, only to quickly realize it's far more difficult than she anticipated.

Elsewhere, Bailey will grow skeptical when Arizona takes on one of Herman's cases.

Will viewers be treated to a happy ending? Or another tragic conclusion, as we witnessed with the fate of April and Jackson's baby a couple weeks ago on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 11?

(Sorry to bring that up again.)

Click through the above images for an early look at what's ahead and remember to watch Grey's Anatomy online via TV Fanatic any time you need a refresher.

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A surgeon must always be prepared to lose, and in neurosurgery, with the big tumors, we lose those battles as often as we succeed. The key though, win or lose, is to never fail, and the only way to fail is not to fight. So you fight until you can't fight anymore.