Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Justice for All

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When it rains on Hawaii Five-0 it really pours. Both Chin and Danny were simultaneously arrested for crimes related to the murder of Marco Reyes in Columbia. 

Based on the fan comments I know that the last two episodes have been less than popular. Personally of the last three episodes, including this one, I think what has been dubbed the "cargument" episode was the best, but I am curious about what everyone else thinks. 

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 18 was different in that it was a blast from the past and viewers who haven't seen key episodes from past seasons probably found themselves a little lost. 

Joe was back in town and tipped off Steve that Danny was about to be arrested. Unfortunately, Danny was in the middle of giving a presentation at Grace's school and was arrested right in the middle of it. I shudder to think what rumors will follow around Grace through the rest of her schooling experience on Hawaii and if she will be traumatized from this incident. Poor Danny must be mortified that Grace had to see that. 

Shortly after, Chin was arrested for tax evasion by Coughlin, who finally got some evidence to put Chin in jail for good. 

For Danny as a character it makes sense that this ghost would come back to haunt him. He isn't the kind of guy who can deal with killing someone like that, even after he murdered his brother and stuffed him in an oil barrel. The fact that the past can come back to haunt the H50 team is one of the only indications we have sometimes that the show does acknowledge what the characters have been through. 

After the arrests were made, the "case of the week" started to spiral out of control. 

Apparently, Reyes was helping the CIA with an operation called Sandpiper. Evidently, Wall Street thought it was investing in the expanding housing market, but was actually investing in a Columbian cartel's cocaine scheme. When the government started to crack down on the drug trade, US banks all of the sudden started taking huge hits, indirectly affecting the stability of the economy. The CIA felt it had no choice but to step in and kee the drugs flowing to prevent a potential market crash. NO, NO, NO.

First, there is no way that all of Wall Street would invest in the same market, there are too many investors for this to be possible.

Second, while the collapse of a single market(the size of Columbia's) could have an influence on part of the economy, it would not cause something as large as a crash.

Third, the CIA had no choice but to keep the drugs flowing??? I think they could have thought of something else, like leaving it up to the government to handle perhaps. 

This is not me being nit picky. I can't enjoy a show that has such a ridiculous story and tries to be the real world at the same time. 

I hate how the CIA always becomes this all powerful, big troublemaker who seemingly does whatever they want. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to contrive a story, and that is exactly what it did. I know I said that I don't mind ghost of the past haunting the characters, but I can't deal with how contrived the story had to be to make that possible. 

Once the team traveled to Columbia, they managed to raid the abandoned oil refinery and discover that there was, in fact, no cocaine, but got lucky and discovered the journals of a drug dealer who outlined everything for them. This all happened entirely off screen. Just like that the CIA agent was told to take his pension and get the hell out. 

I will say that Steve handled the situation well especially when he said that no person is more valuable than the other, but that Danny should be the prioirty considering he wouldn't last long in a Columbian prison. Those were some pretty intense scenes. Not bad on those H50. 

Why didn't the team want to turn him in? If he really was using this situation to get his cut from the drug trade why wouldn't they want to turn him in? Does the government even know that this went on? Speaking of government, where has the governor been lately? 

While I can't get behind the reasons that propelled this story forward, it did at least leave us with some interesting future developments that I suspect are setting up the season finale. These developments are really my only positive takeaway from this hour of Hawaii Five-0.

  • Gabriel killed Coughlin and is out of prison
  • Coughlin is dead!!! What?!?!
  • Joe revealed to Steve that his mother was the one giving him information and was the reason Steve wasn't arrested with Danny
  • Joe also told Steve he knew he was spying on him 

What do you think Gabriel's release will mean for Chin? Do you think the death of Coughlin will bring suspicion on Chin? Will Dorris ever come back? Do you even want her to come back? What did you think of this installment? 

If you haven't watched it yet, remember you can watch Hawaii Five-0 online via TV Fanatic! 

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