Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Chapter Fifteen

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Well, that was certainly a long wait for Jane's doctor results.

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 15, Jane and Rafael got the good news they were hoping for. Baby Villanueva-Solano is A-okay. Unfortunately, hearing that good news did alter the plans of Jane and Rafael moving in together, at least in Jane's mind. 

Each had their own idea of what the next step would be. It was one of those moments where Jane and Rafael's differences really came to light. Were the sickeningly adorable couple meant to be?

Like most everything Rafael has said or done in the relationship with Jane, his gesture was grand and romantic, but maybe not what was Jane was thinking. Sure, Jane and Rafael fell in love and the planets aligned for them to meet each other again.

Rafael was thinking with his heart so, of course, he thought proposing was the obvious next step.

I know romance novels are all about fate and destiny, but I don’t think one has ever been written that could come close to our story. If they were ever two people destined to be together, it’s us. Jane, will you marry me?


Jane, however, thinks with her head. It would have been nearly impossible for her to answer Rafael without really thinking about every option. 

They both had their reasons for their decisions, and I can honestly say I think Jane made the right decision. I'm glad we got to see Jane going to Alba and Xo with her concerns. When you're ready, you know immediately. 

What was interesting about Jane and Rafael's story is how it was reversed with Jane and Michael's situation. Intentional, Jane Writers?

Jane, first, was with Michael and then became close with Rafael and Michael witnessed their connection from afar. An eerily similar scenario happened when Rafael happened across Jane and Michael sharing a happy moment after Jane kinda-sorta temporarily crushed his heart. You had to feel bad for him and his puppy dog face as he saw Jane's and Michael's connection right in front of him.

I enjoyed how, throughout the episode, we were reminded of Jane's and Michael's former relationship and connection so at the end it wasn't thrown back at us out of nowhere with their moment. It was easy to remember why the couple was good at the beginning. So which couple is endgame? I don't know about you, but I feel conflicted. 

While Jane was having some complicated questions, she was also greeted by some great excitement. It was so much fun to see Jane's excitement over her favorite author. She danced around, and remained as un-calm as she possibly could. I loved it. 

Jane: What are the odds?
Rafael: I mean, we do host a lot of authors.
Jane: Rhetorical question.

It got even funnier during her romance novel interpretations of her and Rafael in full costume mode. Both with the long hair in the wind and the over-the-top costumes. It's always entertaining to see the characters act out over-dramatically in her imagination. 

There was also the moment of Jane's awkward, yet hilarious, massage of said favorite author, Angelique Harper. Jane's uncomfortable-ness with the massage made her total confusion on what she walked into a highlight of the episode.

Elsewhere, Xo and Rogelio's relationship continued to get more serious. Even though Rogelio hates his job, it was sweet to see his self-absorbed self was willing to put someone else ahead of his career. My how he has changed. Though I am okay with a second pregnancy not being added to the series. Jane's is complicated enough.

One of the more secretive parts of the story included the continuing mystery of Aaron Zazo. It's an interesting contrast to see Petra so ready to fight at the Marbella, but once Aaron keeps popping up, she is visibly on edge.

I'm still convinced Aaron is Roman Zazo, but I want to know his secret. I believe there was a plan in order with giving, then retrieving the necklace from Petra. What is on that flash drive?

What did you think of "Chapter Fifteen"? Do you think Jane made the right decision? Do you think there is a Jane/Michael reunion in the future? How about that flash drive, what secrets does Aaron Zazo have? 

What exciting developments do you think are coming in Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 16? If you want to catch up on anything you've missed, remember you can catch up here when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

Chapter Fifteen Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Don't worry. I am very easy to dress. Everything looks good on me.


Jane: What are the odds?
Rafael: I mean, we do host a lot of authors.
Jane: Rhetorical question.