Modern Family Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Closet? You'll Love It!

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As usual, Modern Family Season 6 Episode 17 offers plenty of hilarious moments, but there's also something lacking in this one.

The Mitch and Cam story line, with their competitive nature and rivals at the talent show is fun to watch, but it's also overdone. What's nice about it, though, is Lily's attitude. Thank goodness Mitch and Cam, who are both incredibly high-strung, ended up with a laid back child. While the other kids are visibly nervous about performing, she's just eating a snack.

She may not have gotten our talent, but she didn't get our self-consciousness either.


Meanwhile, a drone (yes, I'm serious) is being used to spy on Gloria while she sunbathes by the pool. Phil, Manny, and Luke try to get rid of the drone, but that proves to be a pretty difficult task. Mostly, this is slapstick comedy, complete with Phil falling in the pool and losing his shorts in the process.

Manny: And just like that, it disappears.
Luke: In his defense, the water is really cold.

There's some development on the Haley and Andy front, and that's something I'm excited to see moving forward. Haley still questions whether Andy's long-distance girlfriend is actually real, especially when she shows up to visit him in the hospital and finds him alone. He's pretty heavily medicated as Haley confesses her feelings for him (sort of) just before Beth actually shows up.

The disappointment on Haley's face is heartbreaking, but here's what we see that she doesn't: Andy opens his eyes. He's heard everything. It's a touching moment that may just be setting us up for a future between these two after all.

Jay and Claire have continued to work on their relationship, especially now that they work together. Now, they're working on a commercial together for the company, and they have completely different ideas of how it should go.

Jay is living in the past, nostalgic about a slogan he came up with long ago for a successful commercial. That slogan? "Closet? You'll Love It!" What does that mean? We still have no idea.

When he tries to recreate the commercial, he only comes across as a grumpy guy. Unfortunately for Claire, that means she has to have an awkward conversation (this happens often) with her father.

Jay actually listens and tries to change, as much as he can anyway. He demonstrates that willingness to fight the "grump-pa" nickname by joining the guys in trying to take down the drone. Yep, the guys have been at that for a while, but when Jay steps in to help, they finally get it taken care of.

These kinds of moments are always my favorite – the ones where the whole family comes together to do something a little silly or battle some neighborhood villain. Even better is that it looks like they didn't take down that drone at all. Note Gloria in the window with the gun.

Other thoughts:

  • Where the heck is Alex in this episode?
  • My heart is broken for poor little Joe! That kid wants his binkie back!

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Closet? You'll Love It! Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Manny: And just like that, it disappears.
Luke: In his defense, the water is really cold.

If you can't beat em, drone em!