New Girl Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Walk of Shame

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They could have easily titled this episode, "The Great Woodland Musical," and it would sum up the entire episode perfectly.

We not only got the return of Bear Claw, but we also got to see what Paul has been up to since getting engaged.

Unfortunately, on New Girl Season 4 Episode 18 the funniest moment came at the end, but we won't get into it just yet. Let's discuss.

The whole blowout conversation was extremely odd and out of left field. I've had them, and while they are great, they are certainly not life changing. You'd think Cece, being a former model, would have been used to them and not have been nearly as enamored as Jess. It was a cheap gag which was trying to be funny but ultimately fell flat. YAWN 

Did it surprise anyone Bear Claw and Jess wouldn't sleep together, but would instead create a musical? I have to agree with Cece about the creation of the musical being way more shameful; though it made for a hilarious scene watching them work together and we would have been perfectly OK with the entire episode revolving around the woodland musical.

It was actually rather refreshing seeing Paul, who is hands down one of my favorite ex's of Jess. Unfortunately, his life has not turned out the way Jess thought it would and it actually made me a little angry.

Why would Paul, who was a successful teacher, now be making a living as a clown? It doesn't make one bit of sense, because Paul has always been a rather level headed guy, and while he may be the male version of Jess, he always had a little more sense. 

Unfortunately, the guys had an equally boring storyline revolving around May and Coach being embarrassed by them. I'll be honest and say I was not a big fan of May's at the beginning because she seemed so full of herself, but when she started playing the Monday Night Football theme for Coach I couldn't help but fall in love with her. Coach was smart to listen to the advice from his friends and be honest with May. 

Tonight was another dismal effort at trying to be funny. It seems as though the writers are running on steam and are just throwing things together to see what happens. It's not a good thing having the only funny part of the episode be at the end when Jess, Paul and Bear Claw are performing the musical. We won't even get into Cece now being the one pining over Schmidt – can we please resolve this storyline? 

What did you think of "Walk of Shame"? Do you feel like the show is starting to slip? Or are you happy with the way things are going? 

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Walk of Shame Review

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