Once Upon a Time Round Table: The Heart of Darkness

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The magic returned with Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13, as new villains came to town, the hunt for the author heated up and love blossomed for Emma and Hook.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Paul Dailly, Mary Kate Venedam and Stacy Glanzman are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate their favorite of the new evil trio, Emma’s potential for evil and Mary Margaret’s secret after “Darkness on the Edge of Town."

Ready join in the fun?

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So far, who is your favorite from this new evil trio?

Gareth: Without a doubt Cruella. Victoria Smurfit was fantastic in the role. She seems to be channeling a cross between a 1920’s Flapper and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous! I think she may be the most dangerous of all 3 villains. Victoria can certainly go head to head with Robert Carlyle, they were literally chewing the scenery apart! 

Allison: Cruella! I was doubtful as to how she would fit into the show. Giving her magic is an interesting choice, and I can't decide how I feel about that just yet. However, I am so in love with Cruella's sass. 

Paul: Cruella! This could change next week when Maleficent returns, but I'm loving Cruella. She is so funny and has been perfectly cast. I couldn't imagine anyone else in he role. I'm intrigued to see where her storyline goes.

Mary Kate: Definitely Cruella. I just love everything that Victoria Smurfit brings to the role. It's also great to see someone go up against Rumple in as sass-master. She is everything you could hope for in bringing Cruella to OUAT. Though, Glenn Close of course will always be Cruella, too! 

Stacy: For me it's Maleficent. I love Kristin Bauer van Straten and her snarkiness is hilarious. I loved her line about getting the fish smell out of her dress after Ursula saved her. I'm so glad she's back!

Do you believe that Emma has more of a potential for darkness than anyone else in Storybrooke?

Gareth: Emma has always been an independent, loner type. For years she has harbored resentments about her abandonment. Given the right circumstances, I think that anger could be channeled towards darkness. I’m sure Rumple will seek to exploit all those issues. 

Allison: Emma has had a rough life, and bad memories from that could be what will lead her to darkness. Also, Emma has some intense magic, and perhaps her just having all that power will be what corrupts her. She could get a taste of what her magic can do with a bit of darkness in it, and maybe that is what takes her down.

Paul: As Gareth and Allison said, Emma hasn't had the best life thus far, so it makes sense that she would be easily swayed in the wrong direction. There are others that can be easily swayed, but Emma would make the most sense given her history. 

Mary Kate: I can see why. She's had a tough life. Abandonment and all, I can see how there could be some darkness in her heart if they want her too. But, Regina's heart is definitely dark considering all the destruction. I'm curious to see how they tell that story of Emma's heart darker than Regina's.

Stacy: If she does, that's pretty scary to think about, isn't it? We've seen the darkness inside of Regina and Mary Margaret, so if Emma's potential trumps theirs, it's going to be fun to see it come out. 

Is there any hope of Mr. Gold finding his own redemption?

Gareth: There’s always Hope. We have already seen Rumple make sacrifices when required, he does have that capacity within him. I really hope that Belle and Rumple are reunited but I don't think it will be anytime soon. 

Allison: I have no idea. The only thing clear about his motivations is that he always looks out for himself. Everything he does serves him in some way. I'd like to believe there's hope, but I am also sick of Gold and Regina dancing along the good/evil line. It's getting old

Paul: Probably. Does he deserve it? No. He never should have returned to Storybrooke. I think we need a good break from his antics. I don't care much for his character at this stage.

Mary Kate: Of course, as Snow says, there is always hope. But, Rumple keeps going deeper and deeper into this all power thing. I really don't see how Belle could ever, ever forgive him for the lying he has done. 

Stacy: I hope not. I'm so over Mr. Gold and if he and Belle get back together, I will lose all respect for her. 

Any clues on what has Mary Margaret threatening to rip villain’s hearts out?

Gareth: I have no idea on this. I’m really looking forward to seeing a bit more of “Dark Snow” and discovering what went down in the Enchanted Forest. 

Allison: It seems like her real issue is with Cruella. When Emma calls to tell Mary Margaret about the plan and that Cruella and Ursula are in town, the only name Mary Margaret repeats to David is "Cruella." Whatever happened way back when, it must not reflect well on the Charmings.

Paul: I have no idea, but it certainly has me hooked. I need to know what happened in the Enchanted Forest. Could the Charmings' not be as nice as we've been led to believe? So many questions, so little answers!

Mary Kate: I don't know. Maybe it was a way to defeat Regina back when they didn't know how. She obviously went to Rumple at some point to find a way, I can see her going to other villains to defeat Regina. But even that, why couldn't she just come clean now? Especially enough to have both Snow and Charming spooked.

Stacy: Hmm, I'm guessing Mary Margaret had some puppies stolen and she's still holding a grudge. 

Was there anything in “Darkness on the Edge of Town” that you found disappointing?

Gareth: Nothing at all. Best episode of season 4 so far. They have really hit the ground running with this storyline, everything seemed to click in the episode and I was reminded why I fell in love with this show. If they can keep up this pace, we are in for a killer run of episodes. 

Allison: The fact that Rumple did not just hide in the trunk of Cruella's car. I mean come on, he chills in the trunk and then they drive across the town line. No one searched their car. Also, how did Regina not immediately demand the Snow Queen's scroll back? This is a very powerful item that lets people into Storybrooke. You would think that she would be smart enough to keep it under lock and key.

Paul: Not really. I liked the episode a lot and it made up for the weak 4A. I'm already addicted and can't wait to see more. 

Mary Kate: I agree with Paul, the episode had some great potential for the rest of 4B to make up for 4B. I thought there was an odd lack of Charming. Usually he is right there for the action and it felt odd that he wasn't with the rest when everything was going down with the Chernabog.

Stacy: I wanted to see how they were going to bring back Maleficent in the present, but I suppose I can wait one more week to find out. 

What was your favorite scene?

Gareth: Loved the nod to Lost with Mr Cluck’s Drive Thru. Cruella referring to Rumple as “short stuff” was also a highlight. Like I said, everything in this episode really clicked from start to finish. I’m incredibly psyched for this storyline.

Allison: Emma talking to Hook before the welcome back fairies celebration. It was such a cute scene that also touched on Hook's fears. He is worried that he isn't a hero and that he can never be. I am enjoying Emma and Hook being absolutely adorable. Plus, Emma attempted some pirate talk which was really cute.

Paul: Cruella having everything taken from her, before Rumple appearing to "help" her. I loved the way she grabbed her jacket from the rail and put it on. Cruella really was the best part of this premiere. 

Mary Kate: I liked everything in Storybrooke. Even just the montage at the beginning to show how things were going over the previous 6 weeks. Even if it didn't last long, it was nice to know that Storybrooke could be normal. I especially liked that Snow went back to teaching. 

Stacy: The scene with the trio fighting off the demon. It was really funny watching them bicker. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing more of them together. 

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