Orphan Black: The Many Faces of Project Castor

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The Wolf Pack.

That's the ominous title BBC is giving the latest trailer for Orphan Black Season 3 featuring the many faces of Project Castor. 

Until now, we've been limited in our exposure as to how Ari Millen will portray the militarized clone, but new details have emerged. There is Mark, the Spy; Rudy AKA "Scarface," the Weapon; Seth, the Secret and Miller, the Soldier.

Unlike the sisterhood, this militarized band of brothers grew up together and are a highly trained unit. They're fully aware of who and what they are. They are "regimented clones, singular in thought, movement and allegiance – a wolf pack," according to BBC.

In other words, if our sestras are hoping to go up against them, they're damned lucky they met a couple years ago, giving them at least a little time to meet and group in some way to tackle the Castors. Otherwise, they wouldn't have a leg in the fight.

And let there be no doubt, a fight is coming, as the Castors are dispatched from all sides, leaving the sisterhood more vulnerable than ever before.

Millen looks like he's up for the challenge set before him and like he might finally give Tatiana Maslany a break from eating up every scene of Orphan Black. Are you excited about what's coming? 

If you haven't yet caught up in all of the #CloneClub goings on, you can watch Orphan Black online via TV Fanatic.

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