Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who is ChArles?!?

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Did the A reveal live up to the hype?

That's the main question on the mind of every fan after Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 25. We found out that A is Charles Dilaurentis, Mona isn't actually dead and that the liars are stuck in a life size dollhouse, miles away from civilization.

TV Fanatics Paul Dailly and Winston Rice are joined by Destinee from PLLNewsFeed and TV Fanatic super fan, Meaghan. Join them as they discuss the controversial reveal, Mona's resurrection and what's next.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

React to ChArles.

Winston: DisAppointing. When you promote something for weeks as the #bigAreveal, I expect an actual reveal. The girls got no facial recognition, and all this “reveal" did was set up even more questions for season 6. A mere video alluding to the notion of Jason having a twin does not a #bigAreveal make. Is this twin identical? Does ChArles look exactly like Jason? Or is this twin fraternal? it an adopted brother? No confirmed answers whatsoever = #noAreveal.

Destinee: Charles is Jason's twin brother. Something happened when they were little, so mrs D sent Charles to Radley, but when Charles was in there he met his cousin Bethany. They both hated their family for sending them there and they both decided to be the ones in charge from now on, meaning they were A together. Charles got out of Radley and changed his name to Andrew to get to know the girls more.

Meaghan: Marlene King has been insisting that we would not actually find out who A is in this episode, so I wasn't surprised that we didn't find out who A really is. The whole Charles thing is just ridiculous to me, though. Like Winston said, it opens up way more questions than it does answers. I do think that he probably is Jason's fraternal twin, though, and that we have already met him, either as Wren or Ezra.

Paul: I found it disappointing. Sure, we got his name, but that wasn't the reveal we were expecting. We expected this person to be unmasked. The promos tricked us. As did everyone associated with the show and it's going to cost them a lot of credibility. Let's face it, after all the lies we've been told by the producers before in interviews, they don't have much credibility left.

Spencer's parents getting in on the action. Yay or Nay.

Winston: My feelings on this are TBD. It’s definitely not lost on me that Spencer’s parents are getting involved just as ChArles is revealed. Let’s not forget that Jason is the spawn of a Hastings and a DiLaurentis, so if the twin theory does prove true, then just how much information were Veronica and Peter Hastings keeping secret this whole time? And what could they have done to stop all this from hAppening?

Destinee: I'm glad Spencer's family got involved, considering they are lawyers. They can actually help the girls instead of just sitting back and letting them rot in jail.

Meaghan: YAY YAY YAY! It is about freaking time. Not only the Hastings getting in on the action, but the men of PLL as well! The three significant others working together and then with Veronica and Peter was one of my favorite parts of this episode. I'm with Winston, though. I can't wait to find out how much they actually knew if the twin storyline plays out, because how could Jessica just hide the fact that Jason had a twin from everyone? No one noticed that they had two sons and one of them randomly disappeared?

Paul: Yay. Finally, some adults are in the loop about all of this. I liked that the scene with Tanner being rude to Caleb. They owned her.

What role does Andrew play in all of this?

Winston: No clue. I want to say he’s ChArles and Jason's fraternal twin, but the other part of me says he’s nothing but a minion.

Destinee: I believe it was a clue telling us to look at the details.

Meaghan: If Charles is Jason's twin, Andrew can't be Charles because the ages don't work. Like I have said before I think he was the one in the video of Mona being "attacked" so he either only helped Mona fake her death and didn't know about the rest and is now trying to figure out the truth or he is helping A/Charles for whatever reason. We can't ignore the fact though that the monitors and van were found at the CAMPBELL farm.

Paul: I've seen a lot of chatter that he couldn't be A because the age gap, but why? A has hacked into everything in Rosewood. Who's to say that he didn't forge a birth certificate? It wouldn't be out the realm of possibility on this show. Heck, he could be a vampire as well for all we know.

Mona is alive. React.

Winston: While I do love me some Mona, her revival kinda makes the emotional arcs the characters went through this half season seem kind of pointless.

Destinee: Oh my gosh! Mona is alive. I had a slight feeling when she told fans "no ones really dead in rosewood."

Meaghan: I'm going to ignore the fact that we were completely lied to by everyone involved with the show and go with just being happy because I love Janel and Mona. Plus her role, as pretending to be Ali in the dollhouse, was fantastic.

Paul: As much as I like Mona, she should have stayed dead. If the dead keep on rising in Rosewood, they might as well  change the name of the show to "The Returned."

Where are the liars?

Winston: Only a studio on the Warner Brothers backlot could accommodate such an elaborate dollhouse. But seriously….how deep do the forests of Rosewood go?

Destinee: The liars are in Andrew's family apple orchard.

Meaghan: The area they had the prom in made me think of the ice cream factory from earlier this season, but that aerial shot kind of proved that wrong, so I have no idea at this point. I also have no idea how anyone is going to manage to find them.

Paul: I have no idea. Somewhere far, far away from Rosewood.

Make some bold predictions for season 6.

Winston: The girls will finally graduate. And...I might be going out on a limb here, but I have a gut feeling one of the fan fave couples (Ezria, Spoby, or Haleb) will get engaged before season’s end.

Destinee: We will see A unmasked and we will know a lot about why Charles is A instead of the how.

Meaghan: Ezra or Wren will be revealed as Charles. They are Jason's twin who was sent to Radley. He became obsessed with the girls. He also met Bethany while there and blames them for her death.

Paul: Charles will be revealed to us, but then there will be a bigger A.

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