Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Will The Truth Set Ali Free?

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What does all of this mean?

That's what everyone was thinking during Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 23, as Alison's trial brought many shocks for our key players when Jason is called as a witness.

Join TV Fanatics Winston Rice and Paul Dailly, as well as super fan Meaghan as they discuss where Mona's mom could be, Andrew's intentions and Jason taking the stand.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Jason taking the stand. React.

Winston: Yikes. Poor Ashley! Of all the dirty laundry to be exposed, I certainly wasn't expecting that.

Meaghan: Was I the only one who was confused about how the lawyer thought his relationship with Ashley would make him change his story and say it wasn't Ali? If anything wouldn't it make him say it was her so they couldn't try to say it was Hanna?

Paul: This was a crazy development. I liked that he really is on Ali's side now. For too long this family has been at war and they should find some peace, once and for all.

What is Andrews deal?

Winston: They are just trying to set up another suspect in Mona's death. You know, throw us off our gAme.

Meaghan: After seeing the full video at the trial of Mona being "attacked", it definitely seems like a man in the video and could have been Andrew. I don't think he's A or the one who killed her but he might have helped her with her plan.

Paul: I think this might be a rare occasion in which they are giving us real clues before the finale. Usually this time of the season is when they throw multiple red herrings at us, but I'm hoping all of this information will stand come finale night.

Where is Mona's mom?

Winston: She's A. Just kidding. But A probably has something to do with it. Or she just decided to get the hell out of Rosewood for the trial. Or...she's buried in the Hastings' backyard. So many options!

Meaghan: Off giving A one of her trade mark slaps perhaps? Maybe she was just out buying some french CDs or something, you know, whatever weird things the Vanderwaals do for fun.

Paul: No idea. Could she have been A all along? Perhaps Mona was A because of something one of the adults did to her as a teenager?

The kidnap story being exposed as a lie. React.

Winston: Not that surprising. All things come to light eventually - this sooner than most things this on PLL, but I would like to know what proof the prosecution has and how they got it.

Meaghan: I honestly kind of forgot about the kidnapping lie with everything going on so I was surprised. However like Winston said, it was bound to come out sooner or later

Paul: I expected it to happen, but not that early in the trial. I thought it would be the thing that buried Ali for good, but there's obviously more shocks to come.

What do you think will happen next with the trial?

Winston: Not sure, but I do hope all the girls (including Ali) have to take the stand. As far as the verdict? I think Ali will be found guilty, but in the finale we will find out who really killed her, and season six will be about finding a way to get Ali out.

Meaghan: Realistically, Ali should take the stand and tell the truth about what happened, why she disappeared, including telling about A, but the girls are gonna take this secret to the grave at this point. Ali won't be found guilty there is no evidence against her so the prosecution will focus on Hanna.

Paul: I agree with Meaghan, the truth will set her free. If they all get questioned and the truth comes from all of their mouths, then the police will find it much easier to believe than the muddled lies they've been telling for years.

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 24 airs Tuesday March 17th at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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