Reign Season 2 Episode 16 Picture Preview: Reign of Darkness

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As Mary contemplates leaving for Scotland with Conde in tow, things grow even bleaker for the royal couple. Didn't think that was possible? Think again, as Frary isn't the only couple threatened during the dark of winter!

Check out the photos for Reign Season 2 Episode 16 and you'll see gray, heavy skies matching our mood as we learn that Bash considers his marriage to Kenna a lost cause once he learns of her scheming.

With the installment titled "Tasting Revenge," you know that ole King Antoine is orchestrating some evil.  

Not only is he manipulating Kenna and Bash, he also threatens to expose Mary and Conde's burgeoning relationship which drives Francis to do something shocking. And probably rash and stupid.

About the only person Antoine isn't manipulating is Greer. Just as you'd think there was some advantage to being on the outside, her unfortunate career path is discovered by Leith. Wonder what he'll think of his Madam ex? 

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Reign Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Amelie: As to your marriage, I've learned to live with wanting things I can't have.
Francis: Well, that's a lesson I'd like to learn.

And yet, here we are only two or three chess moves away from becoming a pair Bourbon kings.