Revenge Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Loss

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Stevie Grayson returned to the Hamptons on Revenge Season 4 Episode 17. Jack needed his mama and Emily Thorne overnighted her there to be by his side. 

No, really. She called Stevie in what had to be the middle of the night, fueled up a jet, and sent it across the country and back again so Jack's mother could represent him in court. 

Would your friends do that for you?

I'm trying to unpack this hour of Revenge, you guys, and to be honest, I'm having a difficult time because OMG! SO MUCH STUFF! We're definitely gearing up for a break of some sort because that was one jam-packed episode.

We all knew Jack was innocent. But Emily flew Stevie Grayson across the country for pretty much nothing since she and Nolan did all the work. Sure, Stevie filed some papers, but Emily broke into Margaux's henchman's house for evidence which might exonerate her friend. 

Margaux's henchman is some sort of stealthy ninja. When Emily demanded he tell her what they use to spike Jack's drink, he tossed the blood sample which has been conveniently "lost" into the air, and whooshed out like he belongs on The Vampire Diaries. Emily caught the vial and used Boyfriend Ben to return it to the lab.

During the trial, Stevie was thrown in jail for contempt just so David could post her bail and she could tell him not to give up on having a relationship with his daughter. At some point she'd need him. DING DING! FORESHADOWING! DING DING!

They found out that the judge was on the dole, receiving endorsements from LeMarchal media in exchange for tearing apart a family and once again MARGAUX IS DEAD TO ME. And tonight she was almost dead for real. 

After Nolan and Emily cleared Jack's name by pulling the same stunt on the judge that was pulled on Jack, Emily decided to listen to her father and call a truce with Margaux. Or try to call a truce with Margaux. 

Emily's suggestion? That they both stop trying to kill one another or tear each other down and work together to clear Daniel's name. Since the threat, aka Malcolm Black, is dead, I'm not sure why they can't come clean about how Daniel really died, but maybe that's coming on Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 when Emily Thorne reveals her identity to the world. 

IF that's even what she does. ABC is the literal worst when it comes to misleading promos.

Emily was clearly broken up by these events, both Jack nearly losing Carl and Margaux's accident. Emotional Emily is always my favorite. She rarely lets people in or shows her cards, but tonight, she laid them all out on the table for David. Just like Stevie predicted, Emily needed him. He was there.

That's good because she's going to need him as things progress. It's clear that Margaux isn't interested in a truce, and especially not after losing her baby. Through no fault of Emily's, by the way. 

Margaux telling Victoria that Emily pushed her in front of the cab was a special brand of crazy. Was that her concussion talking? Doesn't she think Nolan has a satellite cam that will zero in on that exact moment on that exact street and disprove her claims? DOES SHE KNOW NOTHING?

We'll blame it on grief. 

To be honest, I'm not excited that they went there with Margaux losing the baby. Yes, we have the almost-never-seen Carl on the show, but they could stretch Margaux's pregnancy out until at least the middle of Revenge Season 5, if there is a season 5, particularly given how we're 17 episodes into Revenge Season 4 and it's only July in the Hamptons.

I kind of liked the idea of Margaux being pregnant with Daniel Grayson's baby and that baby being the last hope for the Grayson family to turn it around and make something good of their name. I suppose this means all hope is gone.

Unless you're Nolan Ross and then there's some hope left that other people find you attractive despite a wedding ring. Tony the Social Worker came back after hours to hit on Mr. Ross, discovered he's married, and then learned that it's very complicated. Very complicated.

It's more complicated than Nolan even knows. His wife is at home drinking herself silly following the harrowing death of her brother and he sort of made her angry and he doesn't even know it. YEP. THEY'RE TOTALLY MARRIED.

Did anyone else notice that Louise didn't offer up the jump drive with information from Nolan's computer to her husband when he asked what Lyman saw on the black laptop? That did not escape me. She's drunk. She's probably angry. She's unstable. 

It would not shock me in the least if Louise became a bit of a villain again, especially if Nolan cheats on her with Tony the social worker. She might just lock Nolan in a sauna for that one.

What did you think of "Loss"? Have our characters suffered enough? Should Margaux have accepted Emily's truce? Would that have changed things? Sound off in the comments below and watch Revenge online!

Loss Review

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