Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Gumshoe

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There was plenty of gray area on Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 15 from attitudes about crime solving to going through someone’s closet. 

Let’s start with Jerry. Everyone hated Jerry from the moment they met him; not because he was a bad guy, but apparently because of his profession. Jerry was a private investigator, and as much as everyone at the Boston Police department appeared to look down their noses at him, I appreciated how Jerry justified his work. 

Jane and her team investigate murders. It’s very black and white. There’s always a victim and and a bad guy. For Jerry it’s different. There are people who don’t trust their spouses or their business partners, cheap insurance companies and people possibly committing fraud. Jerry’s world as a private investigator is filled with shades of gray. Some days that’s got to be a discouraging way to make a living. 

Jerry involvement made me care about Dylan’s murder. He’s a great character and I hope we get to see more of him if for no other reason than I’d really love to know why he never made the cut when he tried to join the police force.

Then there was Frankie, who mysteriously failed his fire arms test until Jane figured out why and called him out on it in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Jane: You failed your shooting test on purpose!
Frankie: What? No way.
Jane: Well either that or you're going blind which from the way you're starring at her ass I can see is not the case.

Nothing was funnier than the moment Frankie learned that Alexandra had a wife and kids. I couldn’t help but laugh as Jane yelled out, “Good job, Bud!” to Frankie’s retreating form as he scurried away after shooting off several perfect rounds. 

Angela’s money issues were a mixed bag. Should she be careful with her money? Of course. Her ex-husband left her in a financial bind that she’s probably still dealing with, but she’s a grown woman who can handle that on her own. Still, I understood why her mother’s spending made Jane nervous.

What I didn’t like was Angela putting everything from Maura’s secret closet on display to prove her point. It seemed like a huge invasion of privacy, especially when you consider the way Maura has opened her home to Angela. I know Angela had the best of intentions, but this was over the line. 

So did you like Jerry? Does Frankie deserve a real love interest and what did you think of Angela’s tactics? 

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Gumshoe Review

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I like my story better because it's what happened.


Jane: What were you doing there?
Korsak: Making our lives harder.