Salem Season 2 Trailer: Shirtless John Alden, New Powerful Witch

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Perhaps the Witch War wasn't the best idea after all?

When Mary Sibley set her plan into motion, she must have had the idea she would rule Salem.

However, the trailer makes it appear as if new arrival, Countess Marburg (guest star Lucy Lawless), may be the most powerful witch of them all. If Tituba is declaring to Mary that she can kill any one of them if she so chooses, I'd believe her!

And, let's be honest, whether he's chopping wood as he was in Salem Season 1 or swinging with the natives (battered and bloodied) as shown in the trailer, we're not going to begrudge John Alden from a shirtless scene or two (or three). 

Hearing Mary sing a lullaby to her son is downright disturbing and while we recently saw Tituba emerging from a bloodbath, here we're seeing more bathing imagery when Anne Hale is interrupted by Countess Marburg. There must be something up with bath time. No rest for the wicked?

If you need to catch up before the premiere on Sunday, April 5 at 10/9c, you can watch Salem online via TV Fanatic.

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