Sam Simon, The Simpsons Co-Creator, Dies at 59

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Sam Simon, Executive Producer and series Co-Creator for The Simpsons, passed away today from colon cancer. He was 59 years old.

Prior to The Simpsons, Simon wrote on series such as Taxi, Cheers and The Tracy Ullman Show. While Simon stepped away from writing the series he created in 1993, he retained his Executive Producer credit through his death.

Sam Simon

Widely recognized by his peers as having set the tone, storytelling and humor of the series, The Simpsons Executive Producer Jean Simpson has said, “Sam Simon taught me everything about animation writing, and even more about life.

A devoted philanthropist, Simon crated The Simon Foundation, which rescued dogs, funded a traveling veterinary clinic and even provided vegan meals for hungry humans. He was a friend of people and animals alike, also supporting Save the Children and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Simon was awarded nine Emmy awards; seven in conjunction with The Simpsons and two with The Tracy Ullman Show.

He was married to Jennifer Tilly from 1984 to 1991 and Jami Farrell from 2000 - 2003. He is survived by his current partner, Jenna Stewart.

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