Scandal: Watch Season 4 Episode 15 Online

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What went down onĀ Scandal Season 4 Episode 15? We're so very glad you asked!

Titled "The Testimony of Diego Munoz," this installment of the smash ABC hit found David Rosen caught off guard when an unexpected visitor revealed insider information about B613.

This insider information threatened to take down the White House and also to destroy Pope & Associates. So, you know, no big deal or anything.

What was the intel? How did David react to it? Follow the instructions of this video to watch Scandal online, sit back and find out for yourself.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

David: Don't talk about murder in front of the Attorney General of the United States?
Jake: Fine, fine. Let's talk about the guy that I am not going to kill.

Abby: He's good at his job.
Cyrus: I didn't say he wasn't. You date him? Really, Red? That turns you on?