Supernatural Round Table: Blood, Sweat and Fears

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It had to be a nasty Khan worm.

On Supernatural Season 10 Episode 15, Sam and Dean took on a case involving the gross parasite that wound up inside Cole. But was the final outcome foreshadowing what’s to come?

TV Fanatic writers Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester get their sweat on and discuss the most recent episode.

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Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Narsimha: I was particularly a fan of Cole and Dean's intense scene together in the cabin, sweatin' out the worm. Both men had something evil inside them, and both were able to hold it back solely due to their truly good nature.

Alice: I’m going with Dean giving Cole the “expunge the monster within” shock treatment. That was pretty freaking intense. Plus I think it proves that Cole is the far bigger badass because when Dean and Sam were shocked in “And Then There Were None” those were tiny zaps.

Then again, Dean was fried to near death in “Faith” and Sam was toasted pretty well in “The Born Again Identity,” so never mind, Cole just joins a pretty special club. Anyway, it was awesome.

Sean: I thought the Cole and Dean stuff was great, but I’ll switch it up and say Dean sneaking a swipe of cake was pretty funny. Sometimes its those subtle things, those little funny parts that can stand out for me.

Did you think the worm the brothers were hunting was scary?

Narsimha: Less scary, more just gross! It was like something out of X-Files (which this show used to get compared to a lot back in the day).

Alice: I’m with Narsimha. I’m not sure about scary, but it was freaking gross! And there was more than one. I say that the creature has evolved a bit, don’t you think? This isn’t a simple ear worm anymore. I just wish Sam and Dean would have called it a “Jefferson Starship” for old times sake and then gone on their way after ganking it. Notice how they don’t use the word “gank” anymore? Sorry, I’ve strayed again. Gross, not scary.

Sean: Yeah, it was gross, especially seeing that one guy over Cole and having them drop into Cole. So nasty. Maybe Sam and Dean have been saving the word “gank” for a special occasion? But yea, I agree with you both, definitely gross.  

Were you glad to see Cole back?

Narsimha: Definitely. I actually think he would be a great regular addition to the cast -- and that might be where the writers are headed anyways.

Alice: Yes, I really like Cole. He’s a military stereotype, but he’s very sharp and has everything it takes to be a damn good hunter. Plus, after seeing this weird s*** first hand instead of reading about it, he understands finally what happened to his Dad. We got closure. I’m stunned though that he didn’t get clocked for calling the brothers, “Sammy” and “Deano”. I know it set me off.

Sean: I thought Cole was a fantastic addition to Supernatural Season 10, so despite his appearance feeling somewhat contrived, I was glad to see him. He seemed to play well enough off Sam and Dean, and I was kind of hoping he might wind up becoming another hunter with them. Though it looks like he’s headed back home… for now at least.

Should Sam be worried he might have to take out Dean at some point?

Narsimha: I think he's already worried about that, to be honest. Just the way he looks at Dean indicates a lot of concern for his future. Dean might not have a lot of time left on Earth, and, for once, his death might be permanent (although you never know with Supernatural, and I'm sure each "death" until now has felt permanent to Sam).

Alice: I flip flop on that one a lot. Sam is extremely worried about that and rightfully so, but I wonder how much that worry is going to consume him. What lengths or extremes will he go to save Dean? Are they setting it up for Sam to take out Dean or for Sam to take out himself? Or maybe Dean has to kill Sam as was prophesied by Cain to save Sam’s soul.

Of course I’m not sure these writers have the balls to go there, so I’ll just stick with “anything is possible.”

Sean: Man, I really do wonder that, and I like Alice’s theories about what could possibly happen. The whole Cain and Abel thing has been there for a while, and it’s clear that the brothers seem intent on making sure the other is OK and sticks around. I’m sure the Mark will have something to do with it all.

Are there any other characters from the past you'd love to see return this season?

Narsimha: Bobby (*insert gif of Dean sobbing here*). But for real, there are a whole lot of minor characters the writers can bring back at any time. So I just hope that if they do something, it's for an entertaining premise.

Alice: No, because Supernatural is too notorious for bringing them back just to kill them.  I like most of the past characters and most of the ones I didn’t like are dead already.  How about Jodie Mills? She’s one of the few I think are safe, but then again I said that about Bobby and look where it got me (still bitter). I got it, Bobby can come back since he’s already dead. 

Sean: Adam. I know Supernatural Season 10 Episode 5 made fun of the fact that the series sort of just forgot about him, but that means even the writers are aware of him still. Imagine if he came back and intent with going after Sam and Dean because they didn’t go back for him.

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