Supernatural Round Table: What is Castiel Doing?

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What happened with Supernatural Season 10 Episode 16?

TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna, along with Alice Jester of The Winchester Family Business, are here to discuss the latest installment, one that might just be the stinker of Supernatural Season 10.

Join in the Supernatural Round Table and confess your own thoughts on “Paint It Black."

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: There was only one watchable scene. I guess that qualifies as favorite. Dean’s confession, by far. Not only were Dean’s words delivered with such heartbreak (major kudos to Jensen), it was a cinematographic masterpiece for Serge Ladoucer. Did it tie into anything significant happening in the episode or the MOC storyline? No, but given the crappiness of the rest of the ep, I’ll take what I can get.

Narsimha: I agree with Alice that Dean's confession was the clear standout -- although it was kind of shoehorned into the episode. Then again, the entire episode is kind of shoehorned into this season for no reason, so there's that. 

Sean: This was not a great episode, but I agree that the standout moment was Dean’s confession. So great to hear his character open up and get personal. It’s too bad the rest of the hour wasn’t better.

Did you enjoy seeing the backstory of the ghost?

Alice: Considering that played out like a very bad, cable access channel quality telenovela, I’m gonna say no on that one. I believe my initial reaction was, “WTF were they thinking???” Now that I’ve had some time to absorb the idea, “WTF were they thinking???”

Narsimha: Not really. The stuff with Rowena finding out about the Men of Letters was interesting, but the actual premise for this episode? Not so much.

Sean: No. Not at all. I just didn’t care, and it felt like it took away from everything going on rather than making the ghost more meaningful.

What did you think of Rowena torturing the witch for information?

Alice: Sorry, by that time, I was too busy going through family photos with the hubby.  That was far more entertaining than taking in any more of this episode. We went “awww” over all the really cute dog and cat pictures we have. So um, yeah, my time was far more productive by turning her out. 

Narsimha: Thought it was pretty great -- she's probably even darker/twisted than her son. She almost killed that witch only to bring her back from the brink of death!

Sean: I feel like Rowena has been a squandered villain that I’m shocked Crowley has put up with. I just didn’t care for her torture scene and the reveal about the Men of Letters was as dramatic or shocking as it was probably supposed to be.

If you could bring back a villain/big bad for Sam and Dean to face, who would it be?

Alice: Lucifer and Michael, without a doubt. Lucifer was so creepy, so diabolical, he made my skin crawl. You don’t get more evil than him.  Michael (in young John Winchester form) was pretty badass too.

Plus, those two have some unfinished business with the Winchesters and they could truly wreak some serious havoc in the world. They certainly wouldn’t act like they were a campy pair of villains boring us to tears with their over the top behavior all while guilting their offspring (I’m talking to you Rowena). 

Narsimha: Lucifer would be a great callback to the show's prime.

Or, honestly, I would love stuff about Gods from various religion. This show plays so loose and kind of weirdly with it's focus on Christianity. With how long it's ran, it's absurd that the universe isn't more fleshed out in that regard.

Sean: Lucifer was such a great bad guy. To see him come back would be fun, but I wonder if his time with Adam in the cage might make Adam a fun big bad if he ever got to escape and come back. He’s still down there!

What’s Castiel been up to this whole time?

Alice: (Thinks of Castiel and smiles). Damn, I miss him. I hope he’s gotten in some quality R&R. I imagine he’s spent some time at the beach, read a good book or two, binge watched a few good shows on Netflix, and taken up crochet.

I also hope he’s gone back to Heaven to work on a magic formula that grows angel wings back. After all, Castiel has been pretty damn boring since he lost that ability to zap in and out on a whim. I miss old Castiel. He was a lot cooler back then, before the writers chose to totally neuter him.

Narsimha: Probably taking a break from horrible storylines.

Sean: Texting? I know he likes that. Hopefully trying to find some answer as to how to get rid of the Mark of Cain or getting his powers back. I’d really like to see his character get a chance to shine again.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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