The Good Wife Round Table: Alive and Still Scheming

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Louis Canning lived and continued to try and cause havoc for Alicia. Kurt and Diane jumped hurdles in both their personal relationship and the courtroom while Alicia turned on Peter on The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 15.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Good Wife fans from Twitter: @pinkishk1ss, @SarahLHW, @Donnamour1969, and @SambaJulianna to debate who should win the election, Alicia’s decision to criticize Peter and how they rate Kurt and Diane as a couple after "Open Source."

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Do you believe that Louis Canning and David Lee were setting Alicia up?

@pinkishk1ss: Without a doubt. The moment when Canning said he's going to liquidate $18 million worth of stocks for his donor's family, I knew this evil monster was up to something. It's fascinating how he tried to fool Alicia for the umpteenth time that there is still this good person inside the bad, and yet Alicia still falls for it. (I wonder though, when would karma start to turn on this guy. An innocent kid just casually died to pass him a kidney, really??). David Lee on the other hand, almost fooled me with his political belief crap. Bravo.

@SarahLHW: Yes. I believe that if Canning dies then David Lee will get some of his money and, knowing David Lee, he would use it to buy out Florrick Agos and Lockhart. 

@Donnamour1969: Yes, definitely, at least on Canning's part. I think David Lee was genuinely scared to be accused of contributing to terrorists. Canning is such a creep, but like Alicia, I'm so glad he's still alive.

@SambaJulianna: I think so. Maybe I’m totally wrong but I can’t believe in Canning and with David Lee, too, we can expect something bad against Alicia. When he said he had no idea about what Alicia was talking about when she asked him about the donation of his money, for me that’s really weird. We are talking about Canning and he is not a saint, even almost dying he can do that.  

Christine:  Am I horrible that I had hoped we’d be done with Louis Canning for good? I didn’t think it was a set up until Eli said it and then it all made perfect sense. I never liked Canning, but using the death of a 13-year-old girl to set up Alicia just makes me think he’s an evil little troll. 

Did Alicia do the right thing by criticizing Peter during her campaign?

@pinkishk1ss: Yes and no. I was looking forward to see Alicia and Peter dealing with personal and professional conflicts again. I guess I've missed seeing Peter and other original characters in the show. So I was a tad disappointed when they decided to dodge the conflict aside. On a positive note, Eli's attempt of trying to intimidate Johnny was fun to watch.

@SarahLHW:  Honestly, I didn't really think twice about it. To me, it was just an opportunity for Alicia to come out of Peter's shadow. But I think it could've hurt her more than help her if she messed up.

@Donnamour1969: I'm not sure on this one, except I'm glad she didn't let the specter of him keep her from doing what she felt she had to do to win.

@SambaJulianna: Yes. She wasn’t lying. In fact, she was telling the truth, if we think about Peter’s past. It’s so clear Eli is worried about Peter, but the person running is Alicia. People were expecting a different attitude from her. When voters see they can vote for Alicia and not for Peter, for me it’s a good thing. Eli has to know this is Alicia’s campaign, even if she is Peter’s wife and she is more important now, but we know about the consequences of her acts.

Christine: I think separating herself from Peter was a good political move, but maybe she should have called him directly to give him the heads up. As a politician himself, he might have understood, but getting blindsided by his estranged wife might only make him angry. 

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) rate Diane and Kurt as a couple?

@pinkishk1ss: They didn't really write the build up of Diane and Kurt relationship's dynamic so far, so watching them dealing with clashes in their professional relationship felt like a leap forward, especially after Kurt's long disappearance. I couldn't get emotionally invested with the two. But I am happy that Diane gets to feel like 22 again; the woman deserves all the pleasure in the world. So overall, 6/10.

@SarahLHW: Ten definitely 10. McHart FOREVER. Diane and Kurt have such good chemistry and even though they have different political views, they can still push past the noise and make their relationship work. That's something I wish we got from Will and Alicia but never did.

@Donnamour1969: I give them a 10! I love how physically attracted they are to one another, and while they are so different politically, that seems to get them even hotter for each other. And I was so happy that instead of having this big fight and break-up at the end, they decided to go away together. Makes for a more realistic adult relationship. I like to imagine this is how Mary Matalin and James Carville must be, to have been together so long.

@SambaJulianna: A 10! I really love them as a couple and the chemistry between Christine and Gary is amazing. The court scenes and the car scenes were perfect. I missed Diane’s marriage and I think it was necessary for the show and for her character.

Christine:  A solid 8. They have definite chemistry and their differences are what make them so interesting. I also like that they’re both committed to putting the work into this relationship to make it successful. 

Who do you think would make the better State’s Attorney, Alicia or Frank Prady?

@pinkishk1ss: Alicia probably would rock as State Attorney. She's a tough, smart-ass, duplicitous woman who could literally kill everything while deep down still being a good person. She would know how to be in control of the most challenging situation a State Attorney would face. Frank Prady on the other hand, as quoted in the episode: he's too nice. There's got to be more than just being nice and smart for the role, you got to have the full package. But as much as I think Alicia would make a great State Attorney, I still enjoy her most in court, kicking ass like the good old times. I think that is where she truly belongs.

@SarahLHW: I think either of them would make an exceptional State's Attorney. However, I'm rooting for Prady to win because I don't want Alicia to become a politician. I want her to stay with the firm she sacrificed and worked so hard for.

@Donnamour1969: Prady would probably be better, but Alicia will be much more fun to watch.

@SambaJulianna: I vote for Alicia. I think Prady would be a good SA too, he is not bad, but I think as Alicia already said, she knows both sides of the law, Sweeney and Bishop as clients are a good experience for her and for her life as SA. I think Alicia is mature enough (now) to be a good SA.

Christine: I like them both but I think you have to be a bit cutthroat to get the job done and Alicia has that balance of touch edge and good intentions. Prady is a good man but I’m not sure he’s up for this job. 

Was there anything about this episode that you found disappointing?

@pinkishk1ss: Not particularly this episode. I've really missed the original team interactions. I've missed seeing Cary in court. I've missed seeing Kalinda doing her slick scheme goodness. She used to be the superstar of the show but she’s barely a character in the show lately. I felt like the original characters have been put aside too much while they drag on the election storyline. So I hope we'll get to see the team back in action again. Together.

@SarahLHW: I was most disappointed by Eli. Eli, I felt, was kind of trying to control John and Alicia... but we all know THAT's not going to work. 

@Donnamour1969: I wish we had seen more of the love scene between Alicia and Elfman at the end. But hopefully they'll make up for it next week.

@SambaJulianna: No, I really liked everything about this episode.

Christine: Watching Diane and Kurt in court made me miss the days of Alicia and Will working together in the courtroom. Sigh, the good old days. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

@pinkishk1ss: Canning and Alicia scenes. I truly applaud Juliana and Michael's performance; their on screen strange-complex-chemistry was seamless in all circumstances, be it in court or on the death bed. It was entertaining to see Michael playing on Canning's devious act into poking on Alicia's soft spot, also when he asked her to hand her the phone. LOL! They were a joy to watch; just brilliant acting in top form. Favorite The Good Wife quote: “God, handsome men are so weak!” Marissa's line reading killed me every time. The girl rocks! 

@SarahLHW: My two favorite scenes were 1) When Diane and Finn went head to head with Nancy Crozier. I really missed Maimie Gummer and it was really nice to see her back in the courtroom. and 2) When Alicia and Frank had a heart to heart. I could see in her eyes that she really wanted it but at the same time, she wanted it for Frank. 

@Donnamour1969: I loved the scene with Alicia and Canning, where she realized he was playing her and she moved his phone out of the way. Just the petty thing Canning himself would have done. I laughed out loud.

@SambaJulianna: I really liked the Marissa and Johnny scene when we can see what she thinks about what he was doing and the moment when she said, “God, handsome men are weak.” That was a good moment. I also loved Diane's and Kurt’s scenes and obviously the end of the episode when we can see Johnny kissing Alicia. He is adorable before the kiss. 

Christine: I liked the conversation between Alicia and Prady. It’s as though these two can only be completely honest with one another and it’s a refreshing contrast to everything else they’re dealing with. 

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