The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 14 Review: Mind's Eye

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Some things scare me. Heights, large snakes, and the inner workings of Alicia Florrick’s mind in The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 14

I’ve watched The Good Wife from the beginning and was very excited to finally have the chance to review it, but this episode was simply weird. 

It started out normal enough as Alicia was preparing to be interviewed by the Editorial Board of a major newspaper in the hopes of getting their endorsement. I rather liked the start of it, when she cued up Prady’s interview online and began coming up with her own answers and rebuttals. 

Then things took a turn. Had Alicia actually taken that cold medicine? Because watching this installment made me feel as though I had, and it was definitely the nighttime version that makes you feel loopy. 

First she jumped from Prady to Louis Canning, and that I could handle. As much as I’ve always loved Michael J Fox, I’ve never been enamored of this character. Maybe that’s the point, maybe I’m suppose to dislike him. If so, then this was a game well played, but I can’t say I’ll miss Louis Canning if he truly is gone. But, as Alicia herself pointed out in this The Good Wife quote, I won’t be surprised if he miraculously makes a recovery…

Mr. Canning, you've been leaving this earth for three months now so excuse my incredulity.


However he did leave me with one impression; Canning must have honestly loved his job and/or his one-upsmanship with Alicia if he chose to spend his last hours on earth squabbling over that silly eviction suit. 

But Alicia's chess game with Canning gave way to other things. Stranger things, like her having sex with Will Gardner, Jonathan Elfman and Finn Polmar. I was surprised they didn’t throw in scenes of her in bed Lemond Bishop or Cary Agos, too. 

There were only two things I gleaned from those strange snippets that popped up in between online credit card ads: Alicia missed Will and she hasn’t had sex in a very long time. 

Other oddities included Zack looking like a homeless man living on a bench. I’m sure there’s some symbolism there that I’m just not getting. And is Grace’s only storyline her religious beliefs? It seems to me there should be some other issues concerning a teenaged girl that could pop up from time to time.

Although if they focus too much on Grace, I may regret I said that. 

Normally, I love how The Good Wife weaves together the issues of the law, justice, ethics and religion and plays in the gray area of them all. But, this time, the gray area turned into a muddled mess that had me watching the clock for it to all be over, especially when the one thing I’d hoped to see – Alicia’s actual interview – never made it to screen. 

Let’s hope that next week isn’t quite so painful. Check back here for our review of The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 15 and if you’re missing some of the really great episodes of this normally stellar series you can always watch The Good Wife online right here at TV Fanatic. 

Mind's Eye Review

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