The Originals Q&A: Maisie Richardson-Sellers on Becoming Rebekah, Fighting Off Eva Sinclair

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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 15, we discovered a few secrets about the body our beloved Beks is currently inhabiting.

Eva Sinclair is a murderer! 

Maisie Richardson-Sellers had some big shoes to fill when she stepped on the set of The Originals to play Rebekah Mikaelson. What's it been like to bring the Original sister to life in a new body?

We got the chance to chat with Sellers and we asked her that and more! Keep reading to find out what it's been like to play such a well-known character.

Rebekah in Pain - The Originals Season 2 Episode 16

TV Fanatic: Welcome to the show! What's been the most fun part of joining this cast?

Maisie Richardson-Sellers: They're such lovely people and, you never know when you start a new job, but they've been so welcoming, and everyone's so fun. We spend a lot of time together as a group outside of filming. I've made some great friends, hopefully for a very long time. So that's been the best part.

TVF: I've given the body-snatched characters on this series nicknames. We have Finncent, Koleb, and now we have Rebeva. Unless you can come up with something else!

MRS: I love that. That's great. 

TVF: What, if anything, has been easy about playing Rebekah Mikaelson?

MRS: The easy thing is that at the end of the day she's very passionate, she's very loving, and she really fights for what she believes in. So when you break it down into the reasons why she is who she is, everything else begins to come naturally.

TVF: What's been the biggest challenge?

MRS: The biggest challenge has been playing someone who is so established and already loved. The audience has seen her develop and followed her relationships for years now, so the biggest challenge was to really make each of those relationships convincing for people to believe that she's still in there. The interactions were the most tricky thing but also the most enjoyable part.

TVF: How did you react when you learned about Eva Sinclair's murderous past?

MRS: I was shocked, but also very excited. As an actor, it's an amazing opportunity to be able to play two characters at once, but also it's scary for Rebekah. She's in a very vulnerable position now, and also for everyone else, we've never seen this happen before. This is new territory for everyone whereby the host body's waking up. It's just, like, how is everyone going to deal with that? How is Rebekah going to deal with that? To what extent is Rebekah going to be lost within this body? Is she even conscious when Eva's taking over? All these different things.

TVF: What does it mean for Rebekah that Eva is trying to break through? We haven't seen that before with any of our body snatches.

MRS: It's a big, big problem. Rebekah's in a lot of danger right now because no one knows quite how to deal with it. She's in a human body, so if they kill the human body, Rebekah's pretty much lost. So it's a matter of how are they going to fight Eva without hurting Rebekah, so yeah, she's in a lot of trouble.

TVF: What more can you tell us about Eva and her history?

MRS: In the next episode we find out some really interesting things, which are a bit of a surprise to us. We'll also see her not clearly as this evil character. We're going to learn about why she is the way she is, which is great, so definitely watch for that. We know she was in the asylum and she's been dealt with before, so how's she going to be dealt with this time.

TVF: How much longer will Rebekah be able to convince herself that she doesn't want to kiss Marcel?

MRS: Well, I think firstly they're going to have to deal with Eva and then who knows? At the end of the day they have a very passionate relationship and they've always had this sort of can-can't relationship. That's what they've always thought of their relationship is that it's quite naughty and it shouldn't quite be, so in a way it's a continuation of that old saga of they shouldn't be together but they want to be. This is a very different step for them.

TVF: Well, Charles Michael Davies has chemistry with everyone, so you guys look great together. You're still just a fabulous looking couple on the screen!

MRS: It's wonderful and it's been really fun to play around with that.

TVF: He seems like so much fun. Plus, how do you not look at that smile and then just be instantly disarmed?

MRS: [Laughs] It's interesting also because Marcel is, for the first time, more powerful than Rebekah. For the first time, Marcel is the one having to protect her and Rebekah hates that. She likes being in control and independent. So it's interesting to see how that sort of changes their dynamic as well, so that's sort of new ground and you can tell he's playing with it. He's enjoying it, this new power he has. She's frustrated by it but you can tell that maybe she's also a bit seduced by it. We'll see.

TVF: You're playing Rebekah as a human for pretty much the first time we've seen her that way. So what has that been like?

MRS: It is frustrating because she's used to having these superpowers and suddenly she can't do anything, and not only that, but she can't even use her magic. She knows she's got this magical power but she has no idea how to use it. So I think there's a lot of frustration and anger within her at the moment. But also, like with Kol, she says "I will find a way to bring you back" and that's something she can't do unless she figures out how to use this magic. So that's an option where if she can learn how to use this magic, that's a way she can help the family in a way she hasn't been able to help them before.

TVF: How will these new developments prohibit Rebekah from trying to bring Kol back? Is that a story we're going to follow?

MRS: This is a very immediate issue and something no one saw coming, so definitely this has to be dealt with first, but Rebekah is a woman of her word. She will try her best to make that happen, but the priority right now is finding a way to maintain control of this body. 

TVF: Was it fun to shoot those scenes where Rebekah's not in control anymore and you're snapping in and out of character?

MRS: It was really, really fun. And it was fun figuring out this character and how are we going to make her different and what is her back story and who is she. All these things you'll see coming up for Eva.

TVF: What's coming up for Rebeva on The Originals Season 2 Episode 16?

MRS: Well, she's in a very confused state. Rebekah's having these visions and she realizes that Eva is attempting to reclaim her body so she turns to those witches around her who are the most powerful, which are Davina and Freya to see if they can help her. But obviously since it's new territory, everyone's trying to figure out what could we possibly do. So in the next episode, we learn more about Eva, we learn more about Freya, and we figure out how we're going to approach this issue. Meanwhile, it's becoming more and more of an issue because Eva's becoming more and more powerful. Time is of the essence.

TVF: I like that Rebekah is turning to Davina and Freya because that's in keeping with the character who believes in the power of strong women sticking together.

MRS: Definitely! And we don't know much about Freya yet, so this is a great opportunity to get to know more about that character as well.

The Originals airs Monday night at 8pm on The CW, but you can always watch The Originals online right here!

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