The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Review: They All Asked for You

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Hoooboy! We have a new ship in the house after The Originals Season 2 Episode 15Eligia! 

Jayley are definitely together but that doesn't mean Elijah's going to waste away across the river! BRB. Have to turn on a fan after replaying tonight's episode in my head.

Okay, so these hot new relationships weren't all that happened tonight. I solemnly swear not to spend the entire review talking about how amazing Elijah and Gia are together or how well Jackson and Hayley just get each other. 

But I AM going to spend at least a few minutes discussing that because DAMN. Why have a love triangle when we can just have all the hot scenes!?

Elijah and Gia have had something brewing since the minute he taught her how to be a vampire and she held his heart in her hand literally inside Marcel's loft. It's hard to look at Elijah without getting a little hot and bothered, but Gia plays it totally cool, which probably appeals to him just a little. I mean, obviously it appeals to him a lot. 

(FYI Gia, we totally thought there was something brewing between you and Marcel too, but then Rebekah came back and, well, you know. Rebekah + Marcel = 4Ever)

Gia has this way of talking to Elijah like she respects him, but also wants him to know in no uncertain terms that she's totally into him. Their camaraderie and joking manner makes them an incredible team. She's snarky and disarming and Elijah needs to loosen up a little and have some fun, but there's also the very real promise that this could be something more than just a casual fling between two vampires.

She isn't off limits in the way that any of the other women Elijah's ever romanced have been. She hasn't dated his brother. She isn't a witch who shouldn't be fraternizing with vampires. She hasn't dated his brother. Again. (Oh, doppelgangers...) She didn't give birth to his brother's child and then marry another man to save her people and create a hybrid army to protect said magical miracle baby.

Gia might be the woman who messes up Elijah's life, but their relationship isn't a messy, complicated one. It's easy and it works.

While my shipper heart belongs to Haylijah, Elijah and Gia together definitely earns a few thumps from the old ticker. Let her mess your life up some more, Elijah, okay?

Jackson and Hayley get my heart parts going, too. 

When last we saw Hayley, she confessed that she married Jackson for herself. She knew that he provided the promise of a family. He was the key to a personal history she never thought she'd get to know. It was a sweet moment which revealed that she has a lot more invested in their marriage than he seems to believe.

Plus, he's hot. That doesn't hurt.

If there's one thing Hayley's good at, it's handling awkward situations with honesty and grace, and Jackson's super odd proposition that they might want to consummate their marriage at some point was definitely that.

Hayley was more than willing, because, again, he's hot, but Hope said "NOPE!" and totally shut that down. Jackson probably got lucky later because he was able to soothe the crying infant because just about every mother out there will tell you there's something sexy about a man who takes over baby duty for a minute.

So, yeah, their marriage is officially official now. 

It'll all get super complicated the next time Elijah, Jackson, Hayley, and maybe Gia are in a room together, but that will also be fun to watch. 

As to the Mikaelson family drama for tonight, Freya took care of Klaus and Elijah's little Finn problem by sucking his soul into her amulet in hopes that they'll help her when Auntie Dahlia comes to town on The Originals Season 2 Episode 16.

Now Finncent is just Vincent again and he's about to get the third degree from Elijah. He probably won't know anything and is going to be SUPER confused, but that'll give us a chance to see Yusuf Gatewood be amazing.

Did anyone notice the tiny switch he flipped after Freya pulled Finn out of him? Gatewood went from Finn to Vincent and played the shock of waking up in a strange location surrounded by weird people so well it was like an identity was actually sucked out of him and it was only a glimmer. He's so good, you guys. So, so good.

When Freya was trying to play Let's Make a Deal with Klaus and Elijah, part of me really hoped one of them would ask her to bring Koleb back from the dead, or help out with their Rebeva problem, but neither of those happened.

What did happen, however, was that Klaus whooshed off to return home to the compound because Mikael is awake. He's currently under Freya's control, but that doesn't matter to Klaus, nor does he know that part. He just knows that Mikael hates him and will stop at nothing to ruin his life and that means doubling down on protecting Hope. 

Doubling down, double crossing. Same thing when you're Klaus Mikaelson.

He's playing Aiden against the pack, hoping Aiden, who led the wolves while Jackson was in exile, will challenge Jackson's authority and claim Alpha status.

He started by ensuring the wolves would only lose one of their pack members by giving Aiden tips on tracking Finn which differed drastically from Jackson's orders. Jackson noticed but thought Aiden made that decision on his own, which left Jackson feeling a little weak and vulnerable. 

Is he as good a leader as he thinks? 

Maybe not. Klaus knows it and thanks to Klaus, Aiden knows it too. I don't anticipate Aiden will fall for Klaus' shenanigans, but then again, the ego is a weird, weird thing.

Marcel's ego is huge right now. 

He knows Rebekah is the love of his life and he KNOWS that Rebekah, inside the body of Eva Sinclair, wants to kiss him. It's classic Rebekah to feign disinterest. It's not him she's trying to convince.

Whatever body Rebekah's in, Marcel will be attracted to it because it's Rebekah he loves. That's sort of sweet!

But they all need to work quickly to get Rebekah out of the body of Eva Sinclair, murderer of children, stealer of power, before it's too late and she finds herself with the same kind of hex that killed Kol. Or worse. 

What did you think of "They All Asked For You"? How do you feel about Elijah and Gia's hookup? How will Freya defeat Dahlia?

If you missed any of the steamy moments from tonight's episode, you can watch The Originals online right here!

They All Asked for You Review

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

[to Rebekah] A warning to you. You are not who you once were. This body is all too vulnerable.


Fine, I'll answer for you. 'Thank you for rescuing me, Marcel. It's so good of you to still care, even though no one told you that I was back.'