The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Somebody Save Me

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By the time Dahlia gets here, the mystery behind her will be totally spent. 

The Originals Season 2 Episode 16 focused on Freya's history, and while Dahlia sounds seriously evil, there's also the feeling that Freya's not being totally honest about her life with their evil aunt.

Sorry, Elijah, but I'm totally Team Klaus on this one. 

I'm not sure what it is about Freya that I don't trust, but I don't trust her. Maybe it's that Klaus doesn't trust her and five seasons of watching his paranoia manifest itself has proven that when he has a bad feeling about something, he's usually right. 

Freya accepted her brother's invitation to brunch and while there, she told the story of her upbringing with their aunt after Esther was forced to make good on her deal. In short, Dahlia's straight crazy. Power-hungry, obsessed with never dying, and convinced she's the next thing to happen to magic. 

(I swear, if we find out there's a Bennett Witch involved...)

After taking Freya, Dahlia created a new kind of connective magic which is highly sophisticated, and you wouldn't understand so, no, Davina cannot look at Freya's spell thank you very much.

That was a giant red flag.

If Freya has nothing to hide, and if Davina wouldn't understand the spell anyway, what's the harm in letting her look? Aside from the fact that they would've discovered that Davina had been kidnapped and magicked by Eva Sinclair, that is. Not that Freya – or Rebekah – could've known that. Probably.

Aside from that, there's just this general sense that Freya's story is too sad to be true. Which leads to the biggest red flag of all.

How has Freya managed to get away from Dahlia? How does Dahlia not know where Freya is if they're connected by magic? Sure, they're only awake once every 100 years, but where do they go and sleep so that no one finds them? Freya was in the Fauline Cottage, but was she there for the entire century? Where was Dahlia's body during that time? 

There are just too many questions after hearing her story for me to trust her.

When it comes to protecting Hope, Klaus' paranoia is ramping up to epic levels. He's trusting absolutely no one. Not Freya, not Elijah, not even Hayley, the child's own mother. Aside from not trusting that Hayley has Hope's best interest at heart, it's hard not to blame him. He's not just a dad. He's a supernatural dad. If being a vampire means senses are heightened, well, then Klaus' desire to keep Hope safe is Everest-level high.

What he forgets is that Hayley's are, too. 

She's a vampire just like he is, so her Mama Wolf tendencies are just as powerfully strong as his. She wants nothing more than a life for her daughter, free of magic and Dahlia and the curse of Klaus' family, and at this point, I won't be surprised if she steals the baby and runs off to the mountains somewhere to live amongst a pack – completely off the grid.

Jackson would probably love that as he's the least testosterone-fueled Alpha male anyone has ever met.

Remind me again how he got to be Alpha? Was he chosen? Did he perform the feats of strength and it was declared so? Did he inherit this title? He's kind of bad at being fierce. And fearsome. 

Sure, there are more ways to be a leader than by brute force and barking orders at people, but there does come a point when a leader is too soft. Jackson's pretty close and Aiden's ready to usurp his authority. What none of them realize is that should that happen, their magical hybrid powers will probably disappear. There's a good chance they only work so long as Jackson is in calling the shots with Hayley by his side.

By the way, Hayley and Jackson? Yeah, I'm down with that. 

I'm also down with Cami and Vincent. Now that Vincent is himself again, he's a totally different person than I expected, and Yusuf Gatewood gets allllllllll my love for the amazing job he's done with just one episode to convince me that he WAS Finn and is NOW Vincent. Seriously. Give the man a People's Choice Award!

Vincent is a bit of a loner who gave up his magic, either before or after his wife – Eva Sinclair –went off the rails and started kidnapping children to link them together so she could draw from their power. Now that's she's a straight up murderer and also not in control of her own body, he's totally done with her and setting his sites on the pretty blonde bartender at Rousseau's. 

What works is that Vincent and Cami look great together. They have since he was Finncent. I like their relationship, and if it means we get to keep Gatewood around for a while, I'm totally good with that. It wouldn't hurt if he found his magic again and maybe got his groove back, because something tells me our team is going to need him. 

I think Eva Sinclair is connected to Dahlia's return somehow. 

Maybe I'm wrong. It's totally possible. I have to watch again to see, but the carvings on the heads of the witches Eva kidnapped look like they came straight out of Norway. I won't be surprised to learn that Eva Sinclair either IS Dahlia or is the key to bringing Dahlia to New Orleans. Or maybe she's the key to killing her.

We'll find out on The Originals Season 2 Episode 17 when Eva gains complete control over the body and things get a little dicey for the magical members of the community.

What did you think of "Save My Soul"? Does Eva Sinclair hold the key to Dahlia's mystery? Is Klaus right not to trust Freya?

The Mikaelsons return on April 6 with The Originals Season 2 Episode 17, "Exquisite Corpse."

Until then, watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic!

Save My Soul Review

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