13 Rules from The Big Bang Theory's Roommate Agreement

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The Roommate Agreement. It's a long, absurd list of rules any fan of The Big Bang Theory is at least a little bit familiar with.

When Leonard and Sheldon first moved in together, Sheldon insisted that Leonard sign the document. It includes clauses to cover all kinds of scenarios.

What happens if Sheldon becomes a robot? What if one of them is attached by a body snatcher? And what temperature should the thermostat be set at?

Though most of the rules listed in the agreement seem to benefit Sheldon, there are at least a few provisions that benefit Leonard, too. Sheldon outlines a few of these on The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 15, like asking how Leonard is each day, and no longer staging spontaneous bio-hazard drills after 10:00 pm.

What isn't included, though, is a provision that deals with either Leonard or Sheldon ever getting a girlfriend. As Sheldon says, that idea seemed a little too far fetched at the time.

Of course, there have been times where Sheldon and Leonard have each broken their agreement, and Sheldon has also added addendums along the way.

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