Arrow Round Table: Are We Getting Spoiled?

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On the Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Round Table, we're taking an overall approach.

What's going on with spoilery promos, what's up with the flashbacks, what worked in "Public Enemy" and who would go down if we had been wielding the arrows like Maseo?

Join TV Fanatics Lindsay MacDonald, Allison Nichols, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica in the controversial conversation by dropping a comment down below...

Arrow RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

Was there anything that truly worked for you in "Public Enemy?"

Lindsay: Roy's character arc. He hasn't had much to do this season, but the glimpses we've got have finally formed a really coherent story. From realizing he killed that cop, to dealing with the guilt, to feeling like he needs to be punished, we've seen him go through all the stages that led up to his decision to take the fall for Oliver. I really love when a story comes together like that.

Allison: I agree with Lindsay. I really enjoyed Roy during this episode. He is finally being able to return the favor that Oliver paid him awhile ago, and it is a way for him to deal with the guilt that has been consuming him. Roy broke my heart during the episode.

Carla: I loved the entire episode. It was one of the favorite of the season. In particular, Lance finding out the truth about Oliver being the Arrow from Ra's al Ghul worked out well. It just further solidified Lance's crusade against the Arrow and his hatred of Oliver. Roy's confession at the end was a twist I didn't see coming. I can't wait to see what's next.

Carissa: I guess I can see the appeal of Roy's arc. I didn't like what happened with Lance and Oliver because they took the reveal and tried to nullify it. Laurel's training with Nyssa seems to be working because she wasn't holding up Team Arrow in the fights. Booyah!!

You get to be Maseo. Of all the characters in play on the episode, who gets an arrow to the chest?

Lindsay: Captain Lance. I'm sorry, but he just got cartoonish this week with his Arrow vendetta.

Allison: Ray. He should have just checked himself out of the hospital or had Felicity bring him his nano tech. There was no reason for him to stay there after hearing that the doctor's wouldn't use his technology to save him.

Carla: No one. I would want Maseo to come to his senses and realize this task he has been put on by Ra's isn't right and that he should be working with Oliver not against him. Unlike Lindsay, I thought Lance's reaction was authentic given all the torment Oliver has caused the Lance family.

Carissa: Lance could take an arrow from Maseo wearing an Arrow costume when Oliver then swooped in wearing it, and just be done with his vendetta. I'm tired of it, to be honest.

Considering how little truth really mattered in the end, what was the point of Mae's flashback and do you feel the flashbacks are really adding anything to the story at this point in the narrative?

Lindsay: I've always struggled with how pointless the flashbacks seem on Arrow. The story of Maseo and Tatsu has been my favorite so far, but ultimately I'd still rather spend the time in Starling than in flashback land.

Allison: I really haven't enjoyed the flashbacks recently. I have questions the flashbacks still need to answer though like why Oliver thought Sara was dead. Does she "die" on the island whenever Oliver gets back?

Carla: The flashbacks have always been the weakest part of the series. This was no different. I'm not sure why it was necessary to bring her into the story. Maybe, she'll play a role in the future?

Carissa: I was so sure this one was going to be different with the whole truth being so powerful angle, so when Roy came in and rocked the transport van, tossing it out the window, I was, once again, left shaking my head. I wish they hadn't arbitrarily committed to flashbacks of Oliver's time away just for the sake of telling two stories if there really weren't two stories to tell.

How do you see this whole Roy thing playing out? Are we really going to go back to Capt. Lance second guessing what he knows? Thoughts?

Lindsay: I think Roy might be toast. Thea was set up as "Speedy" the comic book canon side-kick from the beginning, so I think it would be interesting to see her take his place on Team Arrow if he really leaves for good.

Allison: Protect Roy at all costs!! I really hope he survives because I love his addition as Arsenal. I don't want it to be another Sara situation, where he is killed just so another character can take his place. I don't think Thea is ready to join Oliver's crusade. She wanted to protect herself with her skills, not kill people. I can't see her suddenly wanting to join Oliver.

Carla: The situation with Roy could go so many different directions right now. I hope he doesn't die. If a major character is killed off this season, he's a likely candidate at this point. Roy has so many different names right now, so Thea could still be Speedy with Roy as Arsenal, right?

Carissa: I hope we're not in for another "Who is the Arrow" journey. Let Lance be certain in his knowledge Oliver is the Arrow. I'm not exactly sure, then, how he can jail Roy or whether it's a good idea for a jailbreak. It seems they're taking on a bit more than they can chew over all this. Let it play out.

The extended promos for Arrow and The Flash almost make watching some of the episodes obsolete. How do you feel about that?

Lindsay: I actually love how The Flash and Arrow don't even seem like separate stories anymore. I'm a big fan of crossovers, and the writers have delivered on those this year in a big way, while still honoring the fans of both shows. The promos do tend to give away a lot, but the episodes themselves still roll out some pretty impressive twists.

Allison: I am hoping there are a lot of fake outs. The promo that featured Eddie punching Barry seemed like the first step in the downward spiral for Eddie, and then that ended up being resolved really easily. I'm hoping that everything wasn't given away. I don't want Arrow and Flash promos to turn into Criminal Minds ones where the promos reveal the big twists of the episode.

Carla: The promos have been too spoilery for me over the last few weeks. On The Flash, I knew Cisco wasn't really dead because his meeting with Laurel had already been in a promo. I try to avoid them but sometimes, it's impossible. At the same time, they also can be misleading. Is something in the promo even real? Or taken out of context? I want to enjoy the ride each week.

Carissa: They're getting a little too spoilery for me, too. As maddening as it can be to be in the dark with a show like Mad Men, I'm always surprised when I watch because they give away so little. The last thing a show like Arrow should do is show an upcoming sex scene that nullifies a seemingly romantic date on its sister series. Just ugh. It's bad enough fans are posting pics of scenes being filmed months in advance.

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