Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Teaser: Eliminate the Threat

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Oliver Queen is no more. 

During the events of Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 he was wiped away and reborn as Al Sah-him, Heir to the Demon! Now his master, Ra's al Ghul wants him to eliminate a threat.

From the teaser for Arrow Season 3 Episode 21, it appears the threat is none other than his best friend, John Diggle!

For those of us who knew Oliver Queen, we might think Ra's is testing Al Sah-him too soon. But we don't know what Ra's has done to Al Sah-him in the short time they've been together.

Ra's also doesn't know just how close Team Arrow was or remains after its fearless leader moves on. It appears we're all about to find out where Al Sah-him's loyalties truly lie; with the League of Assassins or with Team Arrow!

We're also going to get a chance to hear the new Canary Cry created by Cisco when he visited Laurel recently. That will be worth the price of admission!

Be here afterward for a full review of the installment, as always!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Laurel: I have to admit, it's fun seeing you like this.
Nyssa: Like what?
Laurel: Like a normal person.
Nyssa: I am a normal person.

Nyssa: I never understood your country's need to fry everything.
Laurel: That's because everything tastes better that way.
Nyssa: This is more oil than potato.
Laurel: Put it in your milkshake.
Nyssa: I sense you mocking me.