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Darkness and light. Can both truly exist together?

If you're Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 there's a good chance the answer is yes. Felicity is in good spirits as she has two super men looking out for her. How did she get so lucky? Is there any chance, good lord, that she and Ray are related?

Someone dares speak that out loud.

Roy is in prison, but that doesn't stop Capt. Lance from continuing his quest to take down Oliver Queen as the Arrow. Not everyone is happy with his performance at work, however. Will he be allowed to finish his quest or will another end come first?

Ray is asked to lend Oliver a hand in a true all star team up. Does he have the heart to be a hero? Oliver thinks so and he'll push until he gets it out of him. 

Two people are stabbed, and two may die. What star-crossed lovers may not make it out alive? Find out when you watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Ray: are OK with this?
Oliver: We need your help.
Ray: So it's a team up! High five!

Capt. Lance: Proud of yourself, letting a kid take the fall?
Oliver: I'm not going to let him do that. Give me a pen and paper and I will sign a full confession.