Arrow: Watch Season 3 Episode 20 Online

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You've waited. You've been patient. It's happened.

Al Saheem is here. Oliver Queen is no more. What happened to the beautiful man? He gave his life for his sister, so she may live. There is always a price to be paid, and Oliver Queen paid with his life.

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 there were deaths and rebirths. There were romantic and sad goodbyes. There was heart pounding action and there was sex.

Felicity wasn't about to take the word of others as gospel, and she took matters into her own hands. She formulated plans and put them into action more than once. How many was she able to carry out.

Did you catch that part about sex? If SEX hasn't made you click below, then you're not a fan. Sex. Sex. Click and watch Arrow online right now!!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Welcome home Al Sah-him

Ra's al Ghul

Malcolm: The waters change a person in the soul. Even if they work, the Thea you get back would not be the one we lost.
Oliver: The one we lost because of you!