Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 9: Full Episode Live!

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SNC has received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Breaking News!! It's the first time in three years! Break out the champagne!

Now put it away, because after a story about sex trafficking that Mary Jane insisted on doing on Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 9 the rating tanked, putting a lot of strain on her relationship with Kara as the two have different ideas of success and visions for TalkBack.

Meanwhile, Patrick struggles to keep things real for his daughter, but is blindsided by things her mother did at every turn.

She was arrested for shoplifting, but not before she borrowed $200 from a friend and sent his girl to school without lunch to the tune of about $500, all of which needs to be covered now.

That's just the start of how bad things can get, but to see it all, you have to dig right in and get ready watch Being Mary Jane online right now, so click below!

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