Bitten Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Hell's Teeth

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So who is the baddest wolf of them all?

A male witch named Aleister discovered it wasn't Malcolm in Bitten Season 2 Episode 3 when teeny tiny little badass Elena was left standing after she and Malcolm went nose to nose. 

Since a male witch isn't supposed to exist in this lore, it makes perfect sense he'd discover the only female werewolf to be the most powerful, don't you think?

"Hell's Teeth" was a really fun hour with a lot of action, the introduction of Aleister and some more time to get comfortable with the witches.

Just like last week appeared to end the storyline that focused on Elena's life with Philip when she went to say goodbye to Diane, it seems like the door on the alpha story was pretty much closed after the Spanish alpha was chopped up and burned and Malcolm said his last words.

The focus for the remainder of the season will likely be on setting everyone free from the hell Elena finds herself in now and conquering Aleister.

Aleister is obviously connected in some way to the witches, Ruth in particular, as he taunted her when she asked who he was in a way that made it appear she would be surprised when she found out. He is definitely powerful. We haven't learned much yet about witches and whether they're all born or if some are made.

One thing's for sure. Every time he says, "I am the lock," to Savannah, I want to punch him in the face. It could be due to the fact I am automatically protective of Savannah. Kiara Glasco starred in the BBC America series Copper a couple of years ago and was absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to see what she does here.

It's interesting that although Aleister is very powerful, he still needed to get Savannah to swallow the witchy version of the tequila worm in order to get her to buy into being his key. What's that about? And what is the lock and key business? What does she open up and what was his indestructible follower (who liked to talk to the curtains and gave Nick a run for his money) talking about when she she was mentioning the "undoing"?

Inquiring minds want to know...sooner rather than later, of course. 

At the beginning of the hour, I was a little skeptical of Ruth and Paige. They had that haughty air about them again, especially when Paige was lifting Jeremy up into the air in his own home. That's just bad manners. 

Paige: Look, a female werewolf.
Ruth: We'd heard of your existence, but to actually see one...
Paige: She seems just as barbaric as the rest of them.
Elena: Sorry, was it witch or bitch?

As the stakes got a little higher, however, and they realized that things weren't necessarily going according to their plans and that is was kind of nice to have some others around to lend a hand (one has to wonder if their coven is really small or if the rest of them are just too busy to help), they opened up and seemed more down to earth – sort of like you'd expect good witches to be.

I don't know if it was planned, but did you notice Jeremy and Ruth were even color coordinated as they all waited for Aleister to come to the barn?

Something else you can't help but recognize is that werewolves essentially don't stand a chance against a witch. It's an uneven match, for sure. Why are witches so much more powerful, I wonder. I don't mind it, especially because they're female dominated. It's just interesting.

It was a pretty intense hour and the darkness was lifted somewhat by the comic relief provided by Nick. It was funny when he was battling the follower in the barn and all Paige needed to do was run her hand over the woman's head to put her out. It seems like Nick and Paige are making a connection, something new for playboy Nick.

Clay should go nuts at the loss of Elena, but hopefully Elena will find Rachel and Savannah in the hell hole hospital where they're being held. How will Logan manage to find a way in without getting caught? 

They're all developments we'll have to wait and see! What do you think? Are you sad to see baddie Malcolm go or just happy to see how Elena took him out? Any theories on who Aleister might be? What do you think is next or the uneasy WWA (werewolf/witch alliance)? Hit the comments and chat!

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Hell's Teeth Review

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Ruth: We come in peace:
Jeremy: You come empty handed.

Aleister: I am the lock.
Savannah: And I am the key.