Castle Photo Gallery: Where's Richard Castle?

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Turns out that trying to ignore a traumatic experience just doesn't work. Who knew?!? 

Rick and Kate may have tried their best to put that dreaded summer behind him, but it continues to float to the surface as Castle has a series of recurring dreams that simply won't allow him to forget whatever it is that he just can't seem to remember. 

But the search for the truth may be more dangerous than even Castle and Beckett anticipated when the consequences of their investigation turn deadly.

Check out these photos from Castle Season 7 Episode 20, "Sleeper," which is scheduled to air Monday, April 20th on ABC. 

And if you can't wait for the next new episode, you can watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

Kate Beckett: But Castle, why would you be abducted on our wedding day and end up in Thailand?
Rick Castle: Worst bachelor party ever?

I was in Thailand getting shot at with Chuck Norris?

Rick Castle