Chicago Fire Taps Dora Madison Burge as New Paramedic

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Dora Madison Burge is on her way to Chicago Fire. The Friday Night Lights alum is moving across the Chicago verse and making her way to Firehouse 51.

Burge will play Jessica "Chili" Chilton. What? Not JellyBean? Nope. The vivacious Chili will replace Mills, and considering he just left 51, she'll face the same uphill battle her new partner Sylvie Brett did when she joined so soon after the death of Shay.

If you're wondering why she looks familiar, Dora Madison Burge was already a part of the Chicago family in an episode of Chicago PD. The title of Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 21, "We Call Her JellyBean," is just one indication they're going to address that right away.

Dora Madison Burge

Burge originally auditioned for the role of Brett, but didn't get the part. However, she left an impression that landed her the role of Antonio's informant, JellyBean, on Chicago PD.

Because she's so right for the role of Chili, producers decided to roll with it and cast her anyway, creating a gateway to JellyBean by mentioning Chili had a sister who left Chicago to live in Kansas City. That way, both characters can be played by the same actress and it needs never be mentioned again. Voila!

Are you happy to have another Friday Night Lights gal on screen again? Is she a suitable replacement for Mills? 

If you're late to the party and wonder where Mills got off to, you can watch Chicago Fire online any time via TV Fanatic to find out.

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