Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 21 Review: The Number of Rats

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Things got serious real fast, right?

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 21 served as the second part of crossover week and hot damn, it was crazy good!

Let's speak about Greg. We have our guy in the scrubs who effectively killed the nurse in Chicago Fire. He is such a sleaze. I got chills the way he was practically undressing Lindsay with his eyes. Then when he greeted Nadia, it was clear she was going to end up hurt.

From his first scene, it was obvious he was the bad guy. Heck, even Roman knew it and he didn't get dinged up for a change. Roman has the worst luck and always finds himself wounded.

The Chicago shows have a nasty habit of killing off the female characters and it isn't going unnoticed. We don't know whether Nadia is dead yet, but I'm not holding my breath that she makes it out alive.

As a character, Nadia has come a long way and that's due to the guidance from Lindsay, so it makes sense that Greg would target her in order to punish Lindsay. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when she goes after him. I know that Lindsay will spiral some way, but I hope it doesn't lead to her taking up some old habits.

I don't quite get Nadia's initial reaction to him. It was like they had met before. Something just wasn't right. It was a gut punch when he hit her and bundled her up in his car.

Before the team knew that Greg was the murderer, Will Halstead was very much in the frame. I called this from the moment Jay spoke to him at the hospital. Jay had every right to be pissed with Voight, but he should have known that Voight wouldn't do anything to get him in trouble, unless he really was the killer.

The fact that Will was questioned in 2004 really had me wondering. The suspense was excellent throughout the hour.

The addition of Benson to the hour was welcome. She brings an energy with her that spreads through the team. I was a little annoyed that she departed Chicago before the episode was over. I'd have preferred if she stayed there until the end of the crossover event.

It looks like the final part of the crossover will very much involve the special victims unit from Law & Order: SVU. Hopefully Benson pops back up.

"The Number Of Rats" was my favorite episode of the show yet and I can't wait to see how this chilling storyline ends.

  • As always, Platt was on tap to throw us some laughs. That scene with her taking Nadia's calls had me laughing uncontrollably.
  • It was good to see Boden and Casey, though I wish it was under better circumstances.
  • I don't think I'm the only one that wants more of Linstead. Matt Olmstead, take note!

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Note: Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 22 airs Wednesday May 6 at 10/9C on NBC.

What did you think of the episode? Did you expect Nadia to be the one to get hurt? Will she survive? Did you expect Will to be involved in the case? Hit the comments below.

The Number of Rats Review

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