Days of Our Lives Recap: Daniel's Baby?

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Kristen told a whopper of a lie on this week’s Days of Our Lives when she claimed that baby Christopher was created via a tryst between her and Daniel Jonas!

As though we need more little Jonases running around. Ugh.

Thankfully we know it’s all a lie. That’s why she’s shlepping Theresa to Italy to steal her bone marrow…because stealing her embryo wasn’t bad enough. 

I was torn over Melanie sneaking into Kristen’s castle. On the one hand, I enjoyed it. It felt like a bit of the old school adventure I used to enjoy on Days and haven’t seen in years. On the other hand, where was the DiMera security? Melanie walking in and finding baby Christopher felt far too easy. 

I’m assuming that Victor’s minions will help get Brady and Melanie out if this mess. The two of them are adept enough at getting themselves into trouble. Getting themselves out of it is a whole other matter. 

Victor was everywhere this week and I loved it. He outed Adrienne and Lucas who stupidly decided to enjoy their love in the afternoon under Victor’s roof. Then he fired Lucas, hired Kate and then outed Kate as the mastermind behind the whole thing. Do not mess with Victor Kiriakis. 

One of the most interested things about that whole story was Lucas talking to his mother about Sami…

Sami was the mother of my children and we could have made it if it weren't for you.


It was nice to hear that Lucas still has feelings for Sami and regrets their breakup. But his son may just rival Sami's schemes, or at least Will is certainly giving it his best shot.

Victor once again made me smile when he told Sonny the cold, hard truth. That therapy may not be enough to save his marriage to Will. Is it only postponing the inevitable…

Do you really think a shrink is going to help? You'd have to alter Will's DNA.


Sonny seemed shocked but I loved Victor’s run down of Will’s closest relatives in this Days of Our Lives quote

It means that in the Oxford history of screwing around, Samantha Brady has got an entire volume. Then there's the father, there's picture of self restraint. And there's more, two grandmothers. I'll bet you neither one of them can tell you the name of their first husband.


Just for the record, I believe Marlena’s first husband was Don Craig and Kate’s was Curtis Reed. 

Xander proved more interesting this week as he noticed how much Uncle Victor dotes on Saint Daniel and Brady. I’d consider his jealousy petty except that it makes perfect sense. Daniel is the godson whom Victor treats more like a god and Brady is still the golden child despite screwing up more times than I can list. 

Xander may have a reason to feel slighted and enough of a dark side to make that interesting. 

Speaking of Daniel, good for Nicole for finally getting angry. Daniel turning her fight with Serena into something to do with Eric once again made me ill. This is a merry-go-round of which I can’t wait to get off. He continually accuses Nicole of being untrustworthy even though she’s always had his back and then he once again kept secrets from her about Jennifer. Kudos to Nicole for walking out. If only she’d stay away. 

Jennifer called to talk to Daniel about this Eve/JJ/Paige debacle. All of them getting together for dinner had to be one of the stupidest ideas Jennifer’s ever had and that’s saying something. 

The one highlight of all of this was Jennifer bringing up Eve’s past as a teen who became a prostitute. It’s the reason she is this damaged and made me long to see the story go further down this road. The actresses are certainly capable of playing more serious material than the nonstop bickering we’re subjected to each week. 

Finally, we got to see Hope and Aiden share a little romance. The kids were enjoying sleepovers and Hope and Aiden were enjoying theirs! I hope that Hope’s investigation into Clyde and Ben being Aiden’s client will cause just enough friction to keep things interesting…along with some more love in the afternoon. 

So what was your favorite story on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

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