Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's Your Mommy?

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Kristen was claiming Brady and Theresa’s baby as her own bouncing baby DiMera, Brady headed off to save his child, and Paige shared her first time with JJ last week in Salem. 

TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Tony and Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate who would make the better mommy, Paige and JJ’s first time, and which scenes they wanted to fast forward through on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who would make a better mommy to baby Christopher? Kristen or Theresa?

Nick: Quite the list of maternal options! I'm going to go with Kristen for the fun value alone, but being a good mommy between the two of them doesn't really compute.

Tony: Honestly, though neither would be a great mother in my opinion, I think Theresa is the lesser of two evils in this case. At least she has shown to have something resembling a caring nature, whereas Kristen is just pure evil. I also think that, since its is Theresa's baby, she may turn her life around for her child's sake. Possibly.

Kpatch: Teresa. Kristen just wants a possession. Yes, she has yearned for a baby her whole life, but stealing another woman’s embryo is a crime. She’s from a crime family and poor Christopher will be dragged into the Dimera ways. Teresa is still young and can change. I think the responsibility of having a child would be good for her and help her grow and become nurturing. She has it in her. It just needs to be brought to the surface.

Christine: What a choice! Kristen would certainly do anything for her child. Anything! But she stole someone else’s baby. I’m hoping that Theresa finds out she has a child and turns her life around to be a great mom. Of course, that may be wishful thinking. 

Should Brady have gotten help from Victor or John before heading off to take on Kristen?

Nick: That's the first rule when you're in Victor's family: you always ask for his help.

Tony: Definitely. At least some help from Victor. It was pretty stupid to just go off to face Kristen by himself.

Kpatch: Yes, Brady has never been a hero type. He has no training and he’s proven that he’s not that bright.

Christine: Absolutely! Victor has all kinds of resources and John is a former ISA agent. With John’s connection to Kristen, I kind of understand not asking him but his and Victor’s help could be invaluable. Brady (with Melanie in tow) is going to be a comedy sketch, not a covert operation. 

Paige and JJ make love for the first time. Was it romantic, sweet or just weird?

Nick: Terrible, Paige and JJ have zero chemistry, and their love making earned a quick fast forward from my remote.

Tony: I'd say it was kinda sweet but really weird. It wasn't all that long ago that J.J. was doing the same thing with Paige's mother, hence the weirdness. But, I have a soft spot for J.J. and Paige, so I thought their first time was at least a little sweet, yet really weird.

Kpatch: I’m a JJ and Paige fan. I loved it. I thought it was sweet and romantic. The background music was fitting. Well done overall.

Christine: Eww…First, in my opinion these two have little chemistry. Second, he just had an affair with her Mom! There aren’t enough showers in the world to wash that away. 

Which new character would you like to see stick around Salem long term? (Serena, Xander, Paul, Tori, someone else?)

Nick: Tori, for sure, she brings some presence and much needed diversity to Salem.

Tony: Xander, by far. He is the most interesting character, and the only one not to come into town with some huge secret that we just HAD to keep guessing about. Plus, he's a Kiriakis, and I love the Kiriakis family!

Kpatch: Paul for sure. I’ve warmed up to Tori a bit, so I’d be okay with her staying. Where Xander’s concerned, it’s too soon to say. As for Serena, that was a joke, right?

Christine: Xander is the most interesting of the group and he’s a Kiriakis which is a plus. Paul is also really interesting and I wouldn’t mind him sticking around. Tori could go either way and I’d gladly buy Serena a one way ticket out of town. 

Was there a scene (or scenes) that you fast forwarded through or perhaps wished you could have?

Nick: Aside from Paige and JJ I wanted to roar through Daniel Freaking Jonas' scenes and his incessant desire to be on every story on the show.

Tony: I am so tired of Nicole's non-stop apology tour! I mean, seriously, this is just ridiculous! This is not the Nicole I know and loved. Though I don't fast forward anything in the show, I am so tired with the endless apology tour, especially when she feels she needs to apologize to St. Daniel for something so innocent as having a cup of coffee with Xander.

Kpatch: Every scene with Daniel (freaking Jonas — that was for Nick) and Nicole made me want to open my window and scream I’m mad as hell and I can’t take this anymore.

Christine: JJ and Paige. They were a real turn off for me. I couldn’t wait to get through those scenes. 

What was your favorite scene or story line on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Nick: Marlena calling Will out on how close he is to fully being his mother. When Marlena calls out her dear Will it's time for Will to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Tony: Marlena confronting Will! Especially when she compared him to a young Sami! She was spot on in everything that she said. 

Kpatch: I loved JJ and Paige’s scenes. Victor is always a treat. For the single best moment of the week, it was Eve’s rage-induced meltdown. 

Christine: Victor firing Lucas from the other side of the bedroom door was awesome. Don’t try and fool Victor, especially in his own home. 

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