DIG Clip: How Much Does Lynn Know?

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TV Fanatic has an exclusive first look for you at tonight's all new episode USA Network's DIG.

After Peter has a startling breakthrough on the Emma Wilson case, Peter turns to Golan on DIG Season 1 Episode 7.

Of course, the Ambassador is absolutely furious and continues the pressure to get Peter out of the country, but he's suddenly disappeared. That doesn't stop Lynn from doing a little investigating on her own. 

Debbie, meanwhile, has to play a very dangerous game with Tad Billingham if she wants to spare bloodshed and Rabbi Lev works with a new partner deep underground in the tunnels to carry out their mission.

Tune in tonight for the full story and come back afterward for a review of the installment. If you've missed any of the series so far, you can watch DIG online via TV Fanatic.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

All I know is someone who knows you is giving them specific information.


Peter: My daughter had red hair. You look like her. That's why they chose you. She passed away.
Emma: I'm so sorry.