DIG Interview: Alison Sudol Talks Emma's Explosive Return

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Last night on DIG Season 1 Episode 6, Emma Wilson was discovered alive inside of Peter Connelly's apartment just as he's about to catch a flight after being relieved of his position.

Talk about bad timing!

We had a chance to jump on the phone Alison Sudol who plays Emma Wilson to find out what in the heck is going on and what we can expect from the final four episodes this USA Network mystery.

Emma Wilson - DIG

The good news is it won't be long before viewers understand where Emma has been. Sudol said,"I think that there is a good amount that you'll find out very quickly, but there are deeper implications and more history that will take a little bit longer to unfold within the series. But you'll get a good sense very soon."

"It's something that was deeper than words, necessarily. There are some people you meet and there is something between them quite quickly," Sudol explained of Emma's reasoning for going to Peter upon her return. "It takes some people years to get to know each other and others hours and he allows himself to be vulnerable in front of her, and I think that's a very powerful emotion to share with someone. She doesn't have very many places that she can go, so that has to be enough for her to trust him."

Sudol has been watching along with us and hasn't been watching ahead. "It's interesting, because it's been a while since we filmed those earlier episodes, especially to see the subtler elements of the plot line come together. They're surprising me again. I just feel like how did this all come together again? [laughs] I mean, I remember it, but it's still intriguing seeing it." Since they don't film everything in sequence or all at the same time, there are some things she could only imagine. "It's really interesting being an objective viewer," she admitted.

Sudol was really moved by "Peter's character deal with his daughter and in Emma's apartment," she said. "I didn't get to see him film those scenes and it's really quite moving seeing him react the way that he does and it gave me an even deeper respect for him."

She also found Anne Heche's scenes after her driver was killed to be quite moving. "I thought that she was really great in that scene. It was so upsetting how things can change in an instant." "Yussef going through everything he's going through and doing what he does, whoa, it was just very shocking to watch."

Of course, we're very interested to find out how much Emma knew in comparison to, say Yussef, and when she ran across the stone and how deeply embroiled she was before we though she was killed. Will that be coming up? "Yeah," Sudol laughed, "There's a lot there. It's pretty complex and tangled" Her imagery was tangled with the series, so as the series winds down, will she be making up for lost time?

Sudol laughed again, "I'm doing my best! I haven't seen it, so I hope so. Really all you can do is, to the best of your ability, embody the story that your involved in and Emma Wilson's story is pretty extraordinary. I just did what I could. I mean, the hair alone was pretty graphic, so hopefully that was good imagery!" 

Was the hair a wig, by the way? "Oh no, that was not a wig. I had a lot of red hair." It was a look I thought she pulled off quite well and assured her of that. "It was very necessary to the character, and frankly, the more I learned about her, the more I understood why she had to have that hair color. It made sense, so..." Are we going to learn why? "Yes. Absolutely. You most certainly will," Sudol assured me. Intriguing.

How did she want to leave us wanting for more? "I'd say that the last four episodes are just like the most crazy unveiling of information and it's just like a snowball effect. The information revelation snowballs so that at the end it's at warp speed, like it can only explode!" 

That's exactly what we've been waiting to hear!

DIG airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on USA Network.

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