Finding Carter Post-Mortem: The Truth is Out!

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Did you figure out the twist dropped on the girls in Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 1 before it aired?

As we shared yesterday, stars Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby Heron did, even if they admitted perhaps it could have been a little different than it played out. 

Now that Carter and Taylor know Elizabeth isn't their birth mother and Lori, the woman who kidnapped Carter, has blood ties with the girls, what does it mean for the family that was already struggling to find its center?

I posed that question and more during my interview with Kathryn and Anna. Find out what they had to say and be sure to come back each week for the latest in Finding Carter news and reviews.

Finding Carter Family

With the truth out, what will that do to each girl's relationship with Elizabeth? Anna suggested, "With Taylor, she's very matter of fact about the whole situation and at one point Elizabeth wants to talk about it, you know, it's a big deal for you guys to find out about this, but Taylor just kind of shuts it down. Nope, you're my mother, you've always been my mother. Nothing else matters. She doesn't really want to deal with or talk about or come to terms with how that makes her feel."

Will Carter be able to read in her sister that something isn't quite right, having already been through something pretty traumatic, coming to the realization she had two mothers? While Kathryn would love for the sisters to share something like that, up to this point, they haven't shot anything like that.

"Carter has definitely been supportive and has been trying to hold everyone together in her own way, but she's never expressed it in terms of, 'Taylor, I've actually been through this and you can't just run away from it.' There is a point where Carter has a really honest conversation with Taylor like, 'Hey, look, I know what you're going through, I can see what you're going through, but please don't shut us out,' I think the subject is I've been through this before and it's not going to work, shutting people out. So, yeah, kind of."

Where does Carter stand, having grown up with the woman she now finds out is her real mother, but also having a solid love for the family she originally lost? As to her frame of mind after the truth comes out, Kathryn doesn't think it makes that much of a difference.

"It's a huge shock, and a horrible thing to learn, but Elizabeth was already mom number two, not because Lori was Carter's favorite mom or the best one, but she was the second one Carter ever knew, so there was not like coming to terms with someone and learning that they are her mother when she didn't think that they were. She's done that with Elizabeth once and I think that she's really like the wound has healed with Lori." 

"She's not so upset at the news that Lori is her mom or not. Lori may be her biological mother, but Elizabeth carried her and gave birth to her, which I think is a big, big, big deal as well, and I don't think that makes Carter question who is her real mother in anything other than just like the egg and that specific biology. It's a more general term and applies to Elizabeth only.

We also have Lori saying there's so much more to the story, giving us the feeling there really is and it will keep delivering and continue ripping everyone's lives apart. I wondered about the season's themes, and the possibility of including Lori in their family. "No, we're definitely not looking at a new family, if that's what you're asking," Kathryn assured me.

Anna said "I think originally the mother daughter aspect was the theme that was planned and a look at relationships between the mothers and daughters, but looking at it now, I feel like it's more about everyone being affected by new information and constantly being surprised, or maybe not so surprised because everyone's crazy."

Anna is very excited for everyone to see how Taylor deals with all the information coming her way. "The way she deals with it is really different than in the first season," she said. "She kind of shuts everyone out and kind of goes off kilter, more than she usually does. It's been very interesting and enjoyable to play her as a wild girl. She'd going things that no one would think Taylor would ever do, but she's doing them out of confusion and not being able to come to grips with all the new surprises.

Carter isn't necessarily the focus of the season, at least through Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 7, as she's more involved helping others, "She's trying to be the glue, she doesn't really have an emotional arc, but she's trying to make sure everyone else is okay during their emotional arc, if that makes sense," Kathryn explained.

That sounds like something new, since Carter spent a lot of time thinking of herself. "Yes, in the first season, she had just come from her old life, so she was so lost and confused so she was acting out in any way she could feel better. Now she feels better and less torn apart in this new family. She doesn't feel so out of the group. She felt so alone, whereas now she feels more like she belongs so she can be the support for other people rather than thinking only of herself."

Be sure to tune into Finding Carter Season 2 every Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV for the latest with Carter, Taylor and the rest of the family.

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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Carter: You drugged me.
Lori: I know baby, I'm sorry. I had to.

Max: I made a really big mistake, breaking us up. I was going through a lot.
Taylor: That will happen when someone shoots you.
Max: Yeah, but I don't want to be apart. We had a really great thing going and I think we should have it again, now, if that's OK.