Forever Season 1 Episode 19 Review: The Body In The Wall

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For the second week running, Forever took a page out of the Bones playbook and featured a case in which Henry had to play with some bones to determine how their most recent victim died.

It wouldn't be so odd if not for the presence of Fisher Lucas inside Henry's lab. 

While Lucas is nowhere near as melancholy or morose as Fisher, the similarities between the two characters are notable. Perhaps that's just what Joel David Moore brings to the table.

The Body in the Wall - Forever

Forever Season 1 Episode 19 found Jo getting a little bit closer to Isaac and Henry understanding a little bit more about his feelings for Jo. In this reviewer's opinion, the hinting that Henry's discovering that perhaps he cares about Jo in a more than strictly platonic sense is a little out of place. Maybe that's not where the writers are going at all, but given this is a crime drama with a male-female lead, it's not a far reach, especially in light of Henry's flashbacks tonight.

All this time we've been led to believe that Abigail died, but now we know she disappeared in 1985 never to be seen or heard from again. She walked away from her son and her husband, likely because of the growing visual disparity between them. He remained young while she grew older year by year, not being able to bear what others must be thinking about the two of them together in public places. 

Or maybe she just wanted to save them from the sadness of watching her die, while Abe was a young man and Henry would live forever.

It was great to see that Abe didn't actually throw out his father's research, hiding it instead in a storage unit. He loved his mother and couldn't bear to give up on her, either. Abe may be adopted but he's Henry's son alright. They're dogged in their determination to solve cases and problems. I'm not sure what the dove graphic on the birth certificate has to do with the dove imagery on the stamp since the stamp should be unrelated to the hospital, but I'm sure the writers will find some way to tie that together.

Extra credit to the beauty of casting David Krumholz as a younger Abe since Krumholz played Judd Hirsch's son on Numbers. Krumholz was a wee bit too short to play Abe, but hey, we can't win it all, can we? If only we could've seen Krumholz and Hirsch together on screen somehow...

It should be unlikely that we'll find out from Abigail herself why she left as she would now be 94 years old, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of her. Besides, if there's no body (in a wall), right?

Tonight's case was very reminiscent of something we would see on Bones. In fact, I'm pretty sure we have seen a mummified corpse trapped in a wall in Brennan's lab at the Jeffersonian. Despite the fact that these shows appear on two separate networks and a crossover is in no way possible, I find myself wanting to put Dr. Brennan and Henry head to head on a case. 

The thing he has, which she doesn't, is intuition. He's not afraid to feel and go with his gut when it tells him to follow a hunch.

Henry knew that Eddie was telling the truth about Lucy's death, even when the only other person who seemed determined to believe that Eddie was innocent, or might be innocent, was Lt. Reece. Having worked the original case, she was set on finding out the truth, just like Henry always is, which made him her greatest asset on this case. 

Sending him into the club was a great moment. Henry's not a detective. He lacks the finesse needed for investigative police work and just bluntly comes out with the truth of why he's there. It's endearing, really, as was his determination to get what he came for. 

As far as the actual case went tonight, there were a ton of possible murderers, so I can honestly say I didn't see the photographer coming, nor did I see her son as his adopted son, probably because the casting was off for the age of the character. He'd be 33 and that guy didn't look a day over 21. Meh. It's a small complaint really.

Overall, tonight's was another solid episode of this fledgling series trying to find its footing and a strong audience. We'll see how the next few episodes play out. 

What did you think of "Punk Is Dead"? Did you know Eddie would be innocent? What do you think about Abigail's disappearance? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget you can watch Forever online right here at TV Fanatic!

Punk is Dead Review

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