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On Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 20 a small plane crashes bringing up memories of another plane crash that changed the lives of everyone on our favorite show.

As the show plays on, each person reveals something special or unexpected. Learn who ultimately feels responsible for the entire crash. Watch Karev tell Arizona he's the one who took her leg and the guilt he feels about it every day. 

Then listen to Richard recount what he saw of the new plane crash over and over, each time exaggerating the story until someone calls him on it. That's not the point at all, he says. 

The entire time, there is a sense of dread hanging of the heads of the characters we love so much. The dread continues right until the end when someone sees a police car pull up outside of their house. Who is it? Whose life might be in danger?

Find out when you watch Grey's Anatomy online via TV Fanatic.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

There ought to be some rule, you know? People who have been in a plane crash can't work on one.


Amelia: I don't have any more to give. I'm not trying to hurt you.
Owen: I'm not hurt. I get it. And I'm done.