iZombie Round Table: Dropping in for a Bite

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Show of hands, who else is bummed we didn't get to see sorority Liv flashbacks?

Alas, the only glimpses into the past we got in iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 were from Holly's brain visions. Sort of a missed opportunity, if you ask us. That didn't mean we were short on entertainment though, especially as Veronica Mars alum, Ryan Hansen, dropped in for a visit. 

Your favorite TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald tackle the topics of the zombie takeover happening being the scenes in Seattle, Lowell's real intentions, and that pesky procedural problem. Not to mention, how best to mash up characters names to form their couple or "ship" name. 

Be sure to give us your answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite scene/joke/quote of the week?

Stacy: I loved seeing Ryan Hansen make an appearance. I laughed at his "I didn't know she meant take care of it Tony Soprano style" line.

Whitney: "I thought the insides of my thighs were pale" and "Bowls of spaghetti are my porn" were easily the two quotes that made me crack up. Overall, this was my favorite episode thus far, and there were so many great scenes to choose from!

Terri: I loved it when Ravi realized Liv was hot for Lowell. "And where exactly is this feeling originating from?"

Amanda: I loved the last scene between Lowell and Liv. His speech to her was pretty damn swoon-worthy. My favorite quote came from Ravi after finding out Liv thinks Lowell is hot: "And where exactly is this feeling originating from?"

Lindsay: I was a big fan of "May we never go to hell but always be on our way!" from Holly before she bit the dust. I thought that was such a great way to introduce her adventurous personality before she met her tragic end.

Liv's got a new love interest! Is Lowell genuine, or are you suspicious of this new zombie?

Stacy: I certainly hope he's genuine, and I believe he is. I see him as the Logan of iZombie, which I think makes Major the Duncan. Lowell has potential to be a complex love interest for Liv, and I am excited to see them develop his character. Plus, he's hot, so there's that.

Whitney: I really like Lowell and I hope he's genuine, but I have my suspicions. I think it's very possible he could be caught up in Blaine's activities, but I hope for Liv's sake he's not. I loved his little speech to her at the end, and as much as I enjoy Robert Buckley, I was really enjoying the chemistry she had with Lowell. And like Stacy said, he's really hot.

Terri: I'm not at all suspicious, but we know Major is endgame and that means eventual heartbreak. However, Lowell is SO stinking hot, and their chemistry is so flirty and fun that I think I'm more of a Lowell fan than a Major one.

Amanda: With every other zombie we encounter, aside from Liv, they all seem to have nefarious intentions. So I'm inclined to believe he's being genuine. Liv can't be the only good zombie out there. So far Liv has way more chemistry with Lowell than she does with Major.

Lindsay: His speech pretty much melted my heart, but I've got a bad feeling. There's too much we don't know about him, and Blaine seems to have eyes everywhere.

We now have an open ended investigation. Does this help or hurt the procedural element?

Stacy: I like the open ended investigation. The show is more about the zombie element than it is about the case of the week. Having a case that spans multiple episodes rather than needing to close every case each week allows for more time each episode to focus on the characters and the zombie plots.

Whitney: It didn't bother me much because this show is so much more than a procedural. Liv's journey coupled with Blaine's nefarious activities could carry the show in my opinion, so the procedural aspects are just a piece of the puzzle. By leaving it open ended, the door is left open for Eliza to return, and she will probably come back with more information about our new friend Lowell.

Terri: I agree with Stacy. I don't think it's necessary to have a mystery every week, but at least this one is zombie related.

Amanda: It was a nice change up. This is totally random, but I hated how Dr. House was always able to figure out what was wrong with his patients on House. So I like it when things aren't always wrapped up neatly by the end of the episode. Plus, I'd rather focus on the zombie aspects of the show over the procedural part.

Lindsay: I think spanning investigations over small arcs (maybe three to four episodes) could work well for this show, and it would free up some time to focus on zombie stuff. It was getting painfully predictable, always catching the bad guy in the last 5 minutes of the episode. We'll have to see if that's a path they decide to take or not.

It seems like there are tons of zombies running around these days. Is this conspiracy headed somewhere fun, or has it gotten out of control?

Stacy: I was surprised to find out the Captain was a zombie, but it makes sense if he's one of Blaine's put in place to keep the missing persons situation under wraps. At this point though, instead of increasing the number of zombies, we need to know more about zombie culture. All we really know is that they eat brains and have the potential to go into "full on zombie mode," but other than that, they seem to be basically the same people they were before.

Whitney: It does seem like there are an awful lot of undercover zombies roaming the streets and I'm not sure how to feel about it. When the show first started, I kind of assumed Liv would be one of only a few, but each week we seem to meet more and more zombies. As long as this doesn't turn into The Walking Dead, I'm willing to roll with it.

Terri: As soon as Babineaux's boss started clipping his nails I started yelling "zombie, zombie!" at the TV. What's with the nail thing, BTW? Lowell mentioned it too. Sorry, I digress. I am shocked by how many zombies there suddenly are. We know Blaine is turning people, but I suspect there's something far larger than his meat market and his zombie army going on. Where did it originate?

Amanda: I hope it's headed somewhere fun. It does seem like we're meeting more and more zombies every week. Now we've found out Babineaux's boss is a zombie too. Did Blaine put him there? How long has he been a zombie? I feel like he must be working with Blaine. Why else would he want Babineaux to stay away from the missing persons case?

Lindsay: I was shocked too, but kudos to Terri for catching the nail clipping! I think that's so they don't accidentally scratch anyone... The conspiracy is teetering right at the edge right now, so I'd say it's time to cut back on the zombies. At least until we can get a better picture of exactly what it means to be a zombie in a human world.

Ravi and Liv seem to be getting pretty tight. Do you see anything romantic between them, or is it strictly platonic?

Stacy: They need to stay platonic! I see Ravi as Liv's Wallace (sorry for all the Veronica Mars comparisons). He's the only human who knows her secret, and she needs him as a friend and confidant. A romantic relationship could get messy and screw that up. Plus, they work together and that's usually just not a good idea. I also haven't seen any romantic chemistry between them, just great friendly banter.

Whitney: I don't get a romantic vibe between them at all. I think they will continue to be best buddies, and the show should keep it that way. I think inevitably she will find her way back to Major.

Terri: Never! It's strictly platonic. I see them developing as best friends. If anything, I'd like to see Liv be his wing woman and get Ravi set up with someone. The man needs to get out of dark places!

Amanda: I don't want to see them get together. She's needs a friend to confide in, and Ravi fills that role. I agree with Stacy in how Ravi reminds me of Wallace from Veronica Mars. I never wanted Wallace and Veronica to get together. So for now, I don't see Liv and Ravi going "there."

Lindsay: It's unanimous, Ravioli is strictly a bromance. There are too many "friends finally realizing they're in love" stories on TV right now (especially on The CW). I respect the hell out of a show that allows men and women to have platonic relationships without forcing the romantic aspect on them. Plus, Ravi and Liv are just damn adorable besties.

It's officially time to name all our ships: Livor or Majliv? Livell or Lowiv? Bliv or Livaine?

Stacy: Wow, these names just do not mash well at all haha.

Terri: I like Livell and Bliv. The Major mash-ups are painful. What about doing it with his last name. Livywhite? LOL. The writers should've thought of this conundrum.

Amanda: I support the following names: Livor, Livell, Bliv.

Lindsay: I'm a fan of Livor, and I've seen Livwell floating around lately. I think that's a cute play on words. I also prefer Livaine to Bliv, but nothing will ever beat the perfect symmetry of Ravioli. That one was inspired.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

May we never go to hell but always be on our way!


Liv: Of everyone here, who would you eat first?
Ravi: I think first I'd ask if someone could spare an apple. Or half a sandwich.