iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Flight of the Living Dead

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As someone with a HUGE fear of heights, I don't think there is any worse way to go than a skydiving accident.

Seriously, I'd rather be zombified than fall to my death. But that's exactly how the murder of the week happened on iZombie Season 1 Episode 5.

This episode has to be one of my personal favorites, because it broke pattern on the crime procedural element. For the first time all season, the murderer was not caught, and Babineaux was left twisting. 

Sure, the case was technically solved, but no one behind bars leaves a bad taste in any detective's mouth.

Perhaps we'll see the murderess, Eliza, and her shady company again someday?

Elsewhere, Liv finally met another zombie who wasn't out to dominate the city. A refreshing change. Lowell was on to her from the start, but was I the only one blown away by the secret that he was a zombie too? The bloody Mary was a nice touch – spiciest drink ever – and what a way to reveal your true nature!

I'm still on the fence about Lowell's true intentions, though.

It seems a little too convenient that Liv would run into a smoking hot zombie, who just so happens to be majorly into her. Plus, we know next to nothing about him. Where does he get his brains? How was he turned? Is he a Gemini or a Capricorn? These things are important! 

Nevertheless, it gave Ravi a good laugh to see Liv finally showing interest in another guy.

Their friendship is turning out to be one of the best aspects of the show, and we can only hope we get more banter and teasing along the way during iZombie Season 1. Ravioli for the win! 

Liv: It's him.
Ravi: Ooohhhh.
Liv: Shut up, or I'll eat you!

But as almost everyone seems to be a secret zombie these days, you can never be too careful.

Babineaux's homicide chief himself is one of the undead, no doubt placed there by Blaine to keep the missing persons investigations to a minimum. I can see this getting a little out of hand if every 'higher up' turns out to be on Blaine's payroll, but I'm not calling it yet. There's still a chance this conspiracy will lead somewhere juicy.

Let's just hope Major doesn't get caught in the middle.

For the most part, Major has been inserted into the plot pretty well lately. I was worried that his love interest status would make him a bit superfluous, but that's not the case. His ties to the missing shelter kids has given him a lot to do (though we still have no idea what his actual career is... hmmm).

After being left in a bloody and bruised pile of nerd, is anyone else super worried for Major?

Let's hope someone gets him to the hospital ASAP. Taking a zombie beat down does not look fun. 

Be sure to watch iZombie online to find out all you can about the new zombies in town! 

Flight of the Living Dead Review

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

May we never go to hell but always be on our way!


Liv: Of everyone here, who would you eat first?
Ravi: I think first I'd ask if someone could spare an apple. Or half a sandwich.